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Add a touch of glam to your home with these chandeliers


The easiest way to glam up your interiors is by fixing an ornate chandelier in the room. Just the presence of it adds a luxurious look and feel to the space. Listed here are a few from the house of Asian Paints, which instantly caught our eye.

1.    Crista
This chandelier has a vintage look. The design puts together crafted pieces of crystals along with elements made of chrome. This combination allows the fixture to fit well in various décor settings. Whether your home has a vintage looking interior or you prefer a more eclectic set up, this chandelier will fit right in and yet make a glamorous statement.  
Price: Rs. 42,220
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2.    Astrapia
This chandelier resembles a collection of smaller lamps put together and is a great mix of quirky and elegant at the same time. It excludes opulence and will make any room look lavish and luxurious. Thanks to its dim light setting, its best suited for areas where one can kick back and relax.  
Price: Rs. 70,800
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3.    Faira
This chandelier looks like it has come straight from a historic castle. With the beautifully shaped metal work and shimmering crystal drops, the chandelier brings an age-old charm to your home.
Price: Rs. 88,800
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4.    Embrase
When one walks in a room, the eyes go straight to the most appealing thing in it. This chandelier promises demands that kind of attention. Made with layers of glass elements, the light plays within the pieces and imparts a very interesting illumination.
Price: Rs. 31,200
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5.    Ardour
This chandelier is peaceful balance of old and new elements. It has the traditional touch of crystals and glass and a modern structure of chrome to hold it all together. It will look great in compact spaces also, as it doesn’t overwhelm the space with its presence.
Price: Rs. 35,800
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