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5 non-upholstered chairs for the home


Give your interiors a streamlined look with these non-upholstered chairs for the home

The best way to make a space seem visually light is by using furniture that is non-bulky and has a more streamlined appearance. This is true especially for smaller spaces where too many pieces can make the space seem over crowded. An easy way to make the room seem less cluttered is by using bare back and non-upholstered chairs as opposed to heavily upholstered armchairs – especially if you have an L-shaped seating arrangement in your living room.

The biggest advantage of using non-upholstered chairs is that they can be easily moved around and can find use in any room, be it the dining, study or even bedroom. Not only are these easy to look after but can also subtly inject a pop of colour in the space. Need we say more?

Take a look at the gallery below to see our top picks for non-upholstered chairs


Styled/Produced By:

Nidhi Tiwari

Assisted by:

Madhurjya Saikia

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