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5 long-lasting products in India’s favourite wood—sheesham

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If you’ve ever shopped for furniture in India, you have definitely come across Sheesham wood furniture. Sheesham, also known as Indian Rosewood, is India’s favourite hardwood. We’ve selected five great pieces and we’ll tell you why they’re perfect investment pieces.


Sustainable - Sheesham is from a locally grown tree that produces extremely dense and durable wood. But what’s truly astounding about this material is that it’s naturally resistant to termites, therefore giving it a great deal of sustainability and increasing the longevity of any furniture made with it. This definitely checks all boxes when looking for ideal and long-lasting dining set for every Indian home.  
Alder 4-seater Dining Table
Price: Rs. 15,949.45
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- Almost any type of glue can be easily applied onto Sheesham woodblocks and this versatility crosses over into the kinds of hand wax and polish that can be applied to it as well! The wood has a great deal of malleability and can be moulded into a wide variety of organic shapes. All of these benefits make Sheesham wood a very designer-friendly material that allows it to be used in many styles of furniture across many types of Indian homes. Sheesham wood also seasons very well and does not warp over time, making it a great choice for smaller or even delicate pieces of furniture, such as this circular mid-century style side table. 
Cypress Side Table
Price: Rs. 4,949.45
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- Unlike most other hardwoods that pose the risk of bending or splitting during the carving process, Sheesham wood holds the ability to withstand intricate carvings and engravings. Due to Sheesham wood’s high tensile strength, combined with its uniquely coarse and granular texture, it’s perfect for stylish console tables or a headboard like below.
Flemingo Queen Bed
Price: Rs. 52,249.45
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Appearance - With the naturally defined grain pattern that Sheesham wood has, it makes it an appropriate fit for any kind of room and nearly all types of furniture. Sheesham wood is perfect for those of us that are in love with the natural colour and texture of wood and this comes with the added benefit of being available in a wide variety of organic shades. However, it can also be hand-waxed to match any other kind of wood or to increase its shine and luster. So if mimicking the appearance of other hardwoods such as teak, walnut, mahogany and mango are the goal for reasons such as matching existing furniture in the home or to build up a collection of fine wood furniture while being frugal; then Sheesham wood is the best option. 
Alicia TV Unit
Price: Rs. 26,399.4
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- Last but not the least - Sheesham is the more affordable hardwood option compared to all the other hardwoods. This is because it has a lower natural oil content and is easily available locally. Sheesham wooden furniture is absolutely the best value for money you can get without compromising on the style or elegance you look for when adding a piece of furniture to your home.
Dallas Centre Table
Price: Rs. 14,299.45
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Teaming with such advantages, it’s no wonder that Sheesham wood is India’s favourite hardwood. If you were debating on picking up that Sheesham Coffee table you’ve been eyeing for your living room, we hope this article has given you the insight, perspective and final push that you needed to go ahead and take that call to become the proud owner of some Sheesham wood furniture. Happy Shopping and remember to be Vocal for Local


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