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5 Budget friendly and adaptable work tables for every home

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After almost two years of working from home, if there’s one thing that has taken centre stage, it's the desk, because let's face it, the bed makes you want to nap and the sofa faces a TV. No matter how textbook it sounds, sitting upright is the only way most of us can successfully strike off tasks from our to-do lists. So, if you are looking to invest in a desk that’s an all-rounder and yet light on the pocket, you are in luck. The House of Asian Paints has a few newly launched ones that fit the bill.

1. Quatro study table
The Quatro study table is your basic desk with a design that will fit anywhere in the house. If you are particular about going for something subtle and cost-effective then this is the desk for you.
Price: Rs. 9,349.45
Buy here

Quatro study desk has a simple design & can fit in any room's interiors furniture - Beautiful Homes

Mensa study table is sleek, compact & comes in variety of colour palette for your home furniture - Beautiful Homes

2. Mensa study table
The Mensa study table is compact in structure. Due to that it’s best for smaller apartments or for people who are looking for something that doesn’t take up too much place. Its sleek look allows you to style it in any fashion. Plus it comes in bright as well as neutral colours.
Price: Rs. 7,149.4
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3. Mariose workstation 
The Mariose workstation comes with an in-built open shelf to keep all the things you may need at short notice. It can also act as a space to place pretty bookends or other accessories along with books or files. A small yet important detail is the foot-rest that lets you flex or laze your feet as you work. Alternatively, it can be used as additional shelf space.
Price: Rs. 18,149.45
Buy here

This workstation has an open book shelf & comes with foot rest for your home office - Beautiful Homes

This workstation is compact but a complete set for your kid's room furniture - Beautiful Homes

4. Minerva workstation set
The Minerva workstation is a complete set that comes with sufficient space for all your things. Its matt finish and compact size allow it to fit in any space. If you are buying for your child’s room, this product is a great investment purchase.
Price: Rs. 20,899.45
Buy here

5. Solis work table-cum-bookshelf 
The Solis work table-cum-bookshelf allows you to demarcate between work and home easily. During work hours, the table can be opened up. While all the office essentials can go on the shelf. Post work the table folds back into the shelf. This way you can focus on home completely until it is work time again the next day.
Price: Rs. 27,499.45
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This work table cum bookshelf is foldable & functional for your home furniture - Beautiful Homes

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