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24 housewarming gift ideas for every kind of taste and budget

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A new house is a blank canvas. It’s a way to start a new chapter, re-imagine a lifestyle and in some cases, re-invent an identity. In that vein, a housewarming gift is more than just a social obligation—it’s a way to support a new homeowner as they embark upon a new phase of their life. The right gift can be a symbol of support or encouragement—or, in some cases, a way of preserving a small part of their old selves as they look towards their future. If you’re looking to support a loved one as they set up a new household, this gifting guide should help you narrow down on the ideal present.

The Art Lover
If the new homeowner happens to have an eye for design, a piece of art or décor is a great way to catch their attention. The rule of thumb is to pick something elegant but minimal, so you don’t run the risk of clashing with their personal aesthetic. Original artworks are a sure win—not only are they a vibrant and thoughtful addition to any room, they’re also a good investment for the future.

The Home Chef
Help your foodie friend build the kitchen of their dreams by gifting them a unique appliance or set of tools they’d never think to buy themselves. If they’re just starting to experiment in the kitchen, give them something that makes the task fun—and if they’re a veteran food-lover who knows exactly what they’re doing, get them a specialised item to complete their collection.

The Perpetual Host
A new home is a great excuse to invite people over—and a homeowner who loves to host is always appreciative of designer serve-ware, eccentric bar tools and conversation-starting curios. The key is to make sure your pieces are functional, elegant, and easy to store—because unlike décor, most serve-ware only makes the occasional appearance.

For the Kids
Young couples with kids will always appreciate a gift that helps make the new house feel more like home for the kids. Toys and furniture pieces that kids can call their own give them a sense of ownership of the space—plus, it makes you the “fun” aunt or uncle! Depending on the kids’ age, you could get them something fun, something educational—or something that will stay with them as they grow older.

The Fun Stuff
Every home deserves a few knick-knacks—things you come home to that make life a little more fun, or your day-to-day a little easier. Sometimes, the simplest gifts are those that one would never think to buy for themselves, but that make all the difference. It could be something that helps families organise their days better—or it could help a freelancer work better from home. A thoughtful and functional gift will always find a welcome home. 



The Art Lover


A table lamp is a necessity in any household—but when done right, it can also be a work of art. The design-conscious homeowner will certainly appreciate a well-designed lamp—especially a timeless piece that promises to never go out of style.
Price: On request

Vintage Clock         
Thanks to mobile phones, clocks have gone from being a household must-have to a second-thought. This classic timepiece is a seamless fit for any modern interior—and adds a touch of nostalgia to the millennial home.
Price: Rs. 2,199

Art Print
The greatest gift you could give any art lover is to show your support for up and coming artists. Invest in an original artwork by a contemporary art practitioner—not only will you be funding the arts, you’ll be bringing a piece of culture into a new home.
Price: Rs. 21,816

Coffee Table Book
Every coffee table needs its share of vibrant, well-thumbed picture books. Polar Obsession is a collection of photos that features some of wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen’s best work—a great addition to any coffee table library.
Price: Rs. 2,733

Melting Clock
A quirky take on Salvador Dali’s iconic Melting Clocks, this timepiece is a sure conversation-starter—perfect for the art lover, or the homeowner that likes to shake things up every once in a while. 
Price: Rs. 1,767

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The Home Chef


Beer Brewing Kit
This one is for the adventurous friend—the friend who is keen to experiment and has a taste for a quality home-brew. Gift this to the beer-lover in your group, or the couple you know that is always on the lookout for a new hobby.
Price: Rs. 7,980

Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Cold brew is the newest coffee sensation that’s been sweeping the nation, and any coffee lover would do well to have a specialty cold brew maker in their coffee toolkit. Intuitive and easy to use, this is the perfect gift for a household of any size!
Price: Rs. 2,490

Bartending Set
Every group has that one friend who is an artist when it comes to mixing drinks. This fully-stocked bartending toolkit is the perfect addition to their new household—an added bonus is that it’s self-sufficient and easy to store.
Price: Rs. 3,999

Cheese Knives
A good set of cheese knives can go a long way in a new homeowner’s collection. They’re good for daily use—but also ideal for wine and cheese nights or weekend brunches. Stylish and muted, this particular collection promises to sit well in most kitchens.
Price: Rs. 1,750


The Perpetual Host


Cake Stand
Serve-ware may be a housewarming gift cliché, but this elegant cake stand is a multi-functional piece that would be an asset to any kitchen. This piece is perfect for that fashionable friend who loves to host.
Price: Rs. 5,990

Table Runner
This one’s for the young homeowner who is new to playing host. Table runners are a classic for a reason—they protect delicate table-tops and are a great way to dress a dinner setting at short notice.
Price: Rs. 299

This wine decanter—or carafe—is a must-have in any bar set. Great for the connoisseur or the recent wine-convert, this sleek, timeless piece is the understated classic that pairs well with wine-lover’s collection.
Price: Rs. 1,460

Cheese Board
Sleek, rustic and minimal, this slate cheese platter is multi-functional and blends into almost any serve-ware set. Ideal for appetisers or tapas, this is the perfect gift for a household that loves cosy cheese and wine evenings at home.
Price: Rs. 1,719

Fondue Set
Fondue is a sure-shot party hit. Whether its sweet or savoury, to share with a group or for a party of two—fondue will never get old. This piece is elegant, easy-to-use and perfect even for first-time users.
Price: Rs. 1,907


For the Kids


Kids Tent
This fun play tent is a sure-shot to becoming your friends’ kids’ favourite. This playhouse is easy to assemble and to store—so it’s a win-win all around.
Price: Rs. 3,927

Bean Bag
The bean bag is a classic—and with good reason. Comfortable, casual and impossible to get out of—this is one piece of furniture every kid dreams of owning. Perfect for a kid’s room or family rec room, this wouldn’t be out of place in a young couple’s living room either.
Price: Rs. 2,099

Carrom Board
Carrom is easily India’s most beloved board game—one that will take most millennials back to the simpler days of their childhood. And the fact remains--there is no better gift than a taste of sweet nostalgia.
Price: Rs. 2,999

Brainvita Board Game
This classic coffee-table game is just the throwback to childhood anyone would love to receive! As a handmade piece of ceramic art, this gift is extra-special—ideal for an art lover with an affinity for collectibles.
Price: Rs. 7,840

Darts Board
Every house needs a game room—even if there isn’t an actual room available. A darts board is an easy way to turn any blank wall into an interior arcade—a sure win for bachelor pads, kids’ rooms, or the particularly adventurous young couple.
Price: Rs. 1,499


The Little Things


Shower speakers
There isn’t a person alive who isn’t guilty of indulging in a little bath-time karaoke—and this water-proof Bluetooth speaker is a great addition to any bathroom singer’s shower stall. An added bonus is the built-in mic, that also lets you answer calls—or silence them—without having to reach for your phone with soapy wet hands. Practical, sleek, and easy—this gift is a sure win for any new home!
Price: Rs. 389

Perpetual calendar
This minimal, intuitive perpetual calendar is a great addition to any room—and a practical homage to the simpler days before mobile phone calendar notifications. Not only are perpetual calendars fun for kids and adults alike, they’re also a great way to save paper, a fact that will be well appreciated by any environmentally-conscious homeowner.
Price: Rs. 1,699

Laptop Stand
For young professionals whose new home is going to double as a workspace in the evenings and on weekends, this laptop stand is a perfect gift. Not only does it help with posture and support—it also has a special cup-holder and mobile phone slot so they can keep all their essentials close at hand.
Price: Rs. 899

Planters have become a definite must-have—a great way to bring some greenery into tiny urban spaces. If your green-thumbed friend has just moved into a garden-less high rise, this is the perfect way to keep their hobby alive.
Price: Rs. 499

Memo Board
Easily overlooked but undeniably useful, this memo board is the gift that most people need, but wouldn’t think to get themselves. Ideal for a couples or family kitchen, this subtle accessory allows you to pin recipes, reminders, to-do lists—the possibilities are infinite.
Price: Rs. 999

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