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14 desk organisers to keep your work-space clutter free


Now, with the work-from-home culture embedded in the system, our desks have become extremely important. It is a space where we snack, have virtual meetings, ideate; almost like a mini office scrambled on a table. So, if putting things in order has become an everyday struggle, the solution to that is simple! These desk organisers will help you pay attention to the work at hand and will definitely bring order to chaos. 



Product name: MÖJLIGHET Noticeboard/whiteboard with basket

Description: Every desk needs a noticeboard, and one with storage is even better. This one has tiny shelves to keep small things and jars to hold pens. While the board takes care of memos and to-do lists. This, we think, is an essential addition to any work space.

Price: Rs. 2,990

Buy here

MÖJLIGHET Noticeboard/whiteboard with basket

Pine Multicolor desk organizer



Product name: Pine Multicolor desk organizer

Description: These tiny hexagons do more than look pretty. Divided into three parts, it holds the most essential pieces together. And, you can play around with how you want to place them.

Price: Rs. 1,499

Buy here


Brand: Eliteearth

Product name: Concrete Penta Organiser- White Gold Collection

Description: For desks that tend to have a lot of smaller items scattered around, this collection of 5 parts works well. One can arrange stationery pieces in a neat and organised manner. Along with that, it also has a paper weight and a tape and scissor holder.

Price: Rs. 1,899

Buy here

Concrete Penta Organiser- White Gold Collection

Two-tier Penstand


Brand: Objectry

Product name: Two-tier Penstand

Description: This two tier penstand, helps place smaller items like paper clips and pins along with pens and pencils in the space below. This is good option in case you don’t want to invest in another product for smaller items. And, it saves space!

Price: Rs. 1,525

Buy here

Yours concretely

Product name: Desk organisers

Description: This concrete desk organiser is an useful addition for someone with a habit of making quick notes. It helps keep a pen and notepad along with a few pins handy at all times.

Price: Rs. 899

Buy here

Desk organisers

Underdesk 360 Degree Movable Workstation Tray


Product name: Underdesk 360 Degree Movable Workstation Tray 

Description: This under-desk tray acts like a mini drawer, that has in-built compartments. It’s a good addition for tables that don’t have drawers. It will also be of use to people who like a clear desk.

Price: Rs. 326

Buy here


Product name: Multi Use Desktop Stationery Organizer Box with Drawer Rack 

Description: This product helps keep all the things needed in an organised manner and in sight. It has space for files and other essentials put together. Since it is made out of plastic, it’s easy to clean and maintain. This can also be part of your office space, if and when you decide to resume.

Price: Rs. 1,995

Buy here

Multi Use Desktop Stationery Organizer Box with Drawer Rack

Wooden File Rack – Natural Finish


Product name: Wooden File Rack – Natural Finish

Description: Here’s another multipurpose organiser that can stack essential requirements in order. It’s made of natural elements and adds warmth to any home desk.

Price: Rs. 3,950

Buy here

 Zufolo Designs

Product name: The Joy Dove Holder

Description: Why go for a regular pen stand when you can choose a pretty one? Here’s one in the shape of a bird. Not only does this help hold pens together, but also adds an aesthetic touch.

Price: Rs. 620

Buy here

The Joy Dove Holder

Boxxit Desk Shelves


Product name: Boxxit Desk Shelves

Description: These stackable desk shelves help segregate things and save space in the process. They have a simple and clean look that helps them fit well on all desks.

Price: Rs. 1,499

Buy here

 N Square Studio

Product name: Diamond Magazine Holder

Description: In case you are looking for a file or paper holder, this one serves the purpose. Loose pages and important files can sit together in single place.

Price: Rs. 1,800

Buy here

Diamond Magazine Holder

Royal Green Magnetic Board Cum Shelf

 Mango People Shop

Product name: Royal Green Magnetic Board Cum Shelf

Description: Not everyone likes pinning holes on their sheets. This magnetic board lets us place memos in sight without doing the paper any harm. It also has a shelf that can hold additional stationery. Top of Form

Price: Rs. 3,000

Buy here

 Clay Mango

Product name: Terracotta (clay) Table top Planter and penholder 

Description: With the growing need of placing greens around us, a little planter that also holds pens is an easy choice. Investing in products made of natural materials like terracotta, will not only help our environment, but also add an earthy look to our space.

Price: Rs. 1,450

Buy here

Terracotta (clay) Table top Planter and penholder

Wire Bin

 Tidy up

Product name: Wire Bin

Description: If wires running in and out of files is on your list of pet peeves, or is simply something that worries you, here’s a wire bin that lets you charge your appliances without making a braid out of it all.

Price: Rs. 599

Buy here

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