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10 products that make video calls better for you


Google recently announced that as a global company they will be working from home all of 2020. And this seems to be the way forward for many organisations in the near future, which means meetings will continue to go virtual. However, by now we have been in enough number of Microsoft Meet-ups, Google Hangouts, Zoom meetings to know that virtually doesn’t necessarily mean easy. A family member might walk into the room and you end up missing an important detail, you are doing an Insta live but are unable to find the right position for the phone (Note: the phone should be at face-level, not below) or the lighting in your room simply isn’t good for the live yoga class you are teaching. No matter what the issue, there is technology to your rescue and working from home doesn’t have to be a struggle with the inevitable. Take a look...



: 10 Inches Big LED Ring Light for Camera Smartphone
Description: If you want to go hands-free and lighting is your concern, this one’s for you. Not to mention the vanity points the product earns for shining that soft glow on your lovely but tired-from-all-the-housework face. The ring comes with a tripod, two colour filters and a remote for control.
Price: Rs.2,299
Buy here


Brand: Avika
Product: Selfie Enhancing Ring Light
Description: If you are looking at a simpler and smaller ring light, here’s one option. It has three levels of brightness that you can adjust as per your requirement. It is also lighter in your pocket!
Price: Rs.121.50
Buy here


Brand: Amazon Basics
Product: Lightweight Mini Tripod
Description: If you participate in meetings that last long, here’s a mini tripod that could help you out. It is meant to hold your webcam or smartphones and is very easy to carry around as well.
Price: Rs.319
Buy here 


Brand: Xtore
Product: Universal Mobile Phone and Tablet Holder with 360° Rotation
Description: This product is quite a useful addition to your desk area. It has a clip that attaches to the table at one end and holds a mobile or tablet at the other. It also lets you go completely hands-free and has a flexible arm that allows you to adjust its angle. Perfect for those who are teaching yoga, painting, or taking any other classes.
Price: Rs.649
Buy here 



Brand: Boya
Product: Omni Directional Lavalier Condenser Microphone 
Description: This mic will make sure your voice gets through clearly to the other end. It is a mini mic that doesn’t require battery and has a 20ft long audio cable to make movement easy. So if you are looking for a mic better than the in-built ones that come with our earphones, here’s one for you.
Price: Rs. 990
Buy here


Brand: Rode
Product: SmartLavPlus Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones
Description: Here’s another really great quality mini mic option. This one connects directly to your smartphone and will make all your calls easy.
Price: Rs.5,799
Buy here


Brand: Cross Beats
Product: Wireless in-ear Earbuds
Description: If you want to avoid the dangling wires of your headphone, here’s a set of in-ear earphone buds for you. These can be controlled by a simple tap and will enhance your audio quality as well.
Price: Rs.4,799
Buy here



Brand: Sennheiser
Product: In-Ear Universal Mobile Headphone With Mic
Description: If you are looking for good ol’ earphones these have a great audio quality. Plus, if you live in a noisy neighborhood, they might be able to help a little due to their noise attenuation feature.
Price: Rs.1,599
Buy here



Brand: Boat
Product: In-Ear Wired Earphones
Description: Here’s another pair of earphones that promises extra bass. A great budget buy.
Price: Rs.399
Buy here 


Brand: Slovic
Product: Tripod 10 Inch for Mobiles with Mobile Holder and Bluetooth
Remote (Black-White)
Description: Here’s a tripod that has completely flexible legs. You can adjust its height and operate it completely via remote. The best bit is that it’s extremely budget-friendly.
Price: Rs.799
Buy here

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