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Amazon reviewers pick the best airtight food storage containers

With clamp canisters, modular storage, pop-tops and more, this rainy season we’ve got your kitchen covered


Product: Kilner Square Clip Top Jar

Amazon rating: 4 stars

Price: Rs 645

Customer speak: “I’m trying to move as far away as I can from plastic, and this is a fantastic air sealing glassware solution to it. Quality is very good, and I now own a few of them.” – Shreyas Kumar M

Brand speak: “Made from durable and long-lasting glass, this airtight with a traditional design looks great on any table or kitchen shelf.”

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Product: Jaypee Plus Classique Airtight Container

Amazon rating: 4 stars

Price: Rs 692

Customer speak: “I expected them to be cheaper, but I actually loved them once they got delivered. They look very beautiful on my countertop.” - Nisha

Brand speak: “Container body is scratch and break resistant with ‘easy lock lid’. Simply fold down to lock the container and lift to unlock.”              

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Product: Satyam Kraft Hexagon Glass Jar and container with Golden Lid

Amazon rating: 4 stars

Price: Rs 7,790

Customer speak: “Got it at a great price. What makes it worth it, is that they are microwavable (without the lid).” - Bishwaroop Majumdar

Brand speak: “These jars are Ideal for storing food items like honey, jams, pickles, chocolates etc. Great as gift packaging especially when filled with colourful food items.”

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Product: Borosil Classic Glass Jar Set

Amazon rating: 4 stars

Price: Rs 549

Customer speak: “Very nice product to store spices and sugar etc. Even though they’re glass, they are as lightweight as plastic. The lid design is also good, very easy to use. Whoever is planning to switch from plastic to glass container storage, highly recommended for them.” – Prem Chaitanya

Brand speak: “Made of 100% borosilicate, this airtight pop-top keeps food fresh and has a two-year product warranty.” 

Check here



Product: Lock & Lock Classic Storage Bin with Leak Proof Locking Lid

Amazon rating: 4 stars

Price: Rs 7,790

Customer speak: “Love, love, love these! My hubby gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas and I used it to purchase 7 Lock and Lock storage bins (3 of this size). I love to bake and the flip up lids are great for scooping out flour, etc. Even better the large lid snaps off too and makes for easy filling of the bins from a bag of sugar, etc. The lids snap firmly into place. These bins stack nicely too.” – D. Vick

Brand speak: “Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, this BPA-free container an excellent space-saver and leak proof.”

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Product: Pasabahce Viva Jar with lid

Amazon rating: 4 stars

Price: Rs 501

Customer speak: “Nice looking glass jar. Can be used for storing biscuits or snacks. It’s airtight too. Good for giving as gifts.” – Mayuka A

Brand speak: “Dishwasher, freezer and refrigeration safe, this elegantly designed tempered or toughened glassware jar is durable and is great for food storage.”

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Product: LivZing Kitchen Storage Organizer 6.5 Kg Grain Rice Box Cereal Container Lid with Measuring Cup

Amazon rating: 4.5 stars

Price: Rs 7,790

Customer speak: “Containers are as described - quality and size. The partial opening is good, as I don’t have to open the entire cover. I’ve been using them for the last four months and overall, its a nice product!” – Rishi

Brand speak: “Perfect for storing cereal, snacks, flour, sugar, rice, its quick measuring cup makes for easy handling and lid keeps food fresher, longer.”

Check here


Product: Angel Bear 3 Sections Airtight Transparent Food, Grain, and Cereal Dispenser Storage Container Jar

Amazon rating: 4.5 stars

Price: Rs 599

Customer speak: “It's available in a set of three jars each of which has three sections. You can keep three kinds of food in single jar without mixing them. It’s transparent and has an airtight lock. I store dry fruits, cereals, snacks, grains, pulses, and biscuits. It’s easy to use and good quality. Happy with my purchase.” – Sabeena

Brand speak: “Easy to clean, freezer and microwave-safe and with three clip locks for secure airtight closure, this storage jar is great for storing multiple things without mixing.”

Check here

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