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8 handpicked rugs for the best price

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All the furniture is in place, everything is looking ‘propah’ and efficient, but something’s missing. There’s no joy, no va-va-voom. And woe is you, your redecoration budget looks like the shambles of a wedding party. We have a suggestion: add a rug.

When a rug doesn’t spread across the entire room, and only takes up a portion of the space it’s called an area rug. You can add one just below the coffee table, in front of it, maybe under both sofa and coffee table, under a bed, or just about anywhere that you’d like to create some floor eye candy. Consider the amount of space you have and choose the right size of product. Also think about material: if you’re living in a mostly-summery place like Mumbai, and Chennai, or a tropical one like Goa or Kerala then please avoid wool and its ilk, instead pick natural fibres like sisal. Also consider allergies, and dust issues—boring but very important factors to consider when thinking about the longevity of the product. We’ve assembled a list of gorgeous rugs made of various materials, that are also easy on the wallet, everything under Rs.15,000. 

1.    IKEA
In the way of high-end designer rugs that look elegantly disheveled, this piece is a great option for formal rooms.
Size: 5.7ft x 7.7ft
Price: Rs. 4,990

2.    Cottons and Satins
Neutral-coloured, natural fibre rugs are a fantastic option if you’re likely to change homes often. This one is made from a combination of jute and wool, and it is an easy-fit option into most settings.
Size: 4ft x 6ft
Price: Rs. 12,000

3.    D’décor
Here’s a rug that lends drama to the room, while bringing a dose of freshness via its green and blue colours.
Size: 2.6ftx4.6ft
Price: Rs. 6,850

4.    Jaipur Rugs
This design comes in a variety of colour options and sizes. If floral prints are your style then this is a very good quality choice.
Size: 3.6ft x 5.6ft
Price: Rs. 12,100

5.    Imperial Knots
Circular rugs look incredibly cool, in a vintage sort of way. This shape is especially good if you’re looking to place the rug in a smaller area, such as a bedroom.
Size: 3.6ft x 3.6ft
Price: Rs. 7,840

6.    N C John
Sisal is not just a durable natural material, but it is also very easy to clean. A long fibre from East Africa, this simple design of horizontal lines is perfect for folks who prefer subtlety.
Size: 3.93ft x 5.9ft
Price: Rs. 9,190

7.    Humming Haus
Hemp, another natural fiber, is very popular right now, thanks to its reputation as a sustainable, durable material. This here is a bright, multicoloured rug made completely of hemp—the type of eye candy we were talking about earlier.
Size: 5.24ftx 7.54ft
Price: Rs. 10,500

8.    Woven Dreams
This Moroccan-inspired pattern in mint is an interesting alternative to the usual neutral. A nice white sofa above, and voila!
Size: 5ft x 7.6ft
Price: Rs. 14,175

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