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14 ways to deck up your home this Diwali, all under Rs 5,000


It is that time of the year again when there is a slight nip in the air and the festive fervour has gained momentum with the conclusion of Dussehra. Diwali is just around the corner and this year we really need the warmth, cheer and positive vibes of the festival of lights. Given the tone of 2020, we deserve everything that can give our homes a bit of festival sparkle. And if those things are smartly-priced then that’s even better. Our selection of fabulousness, all under Rs. 5,000.

Brand: My Pooja Box
Product: Traditional Chandbali Hanging Tealight Holder
Crafted in the form of a ‘chandbali’, this holder has an exquisite lattice work pattern with pearls, perfect to give your home a traditional touch.
Price: Rs. 899
Buy here

Traditional Chandbali Hanging Tealight Holder

Amai Peacock Wall Decor T-light Holder

Brand: My Pooja Box
Product: Amai Peacock Wall Decor T-light Holder
This tea-light holder is a beauty just like the national bird of India.
Price: Rs. 2,499
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Brand: PepperFry
Product: Multicolour Rangoli
Add some colour to your entryway with these easy stick-on rangolis created in vibrant shades along with some lovely embellishments.
Price: Rs. 1,099
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Multicolour Rangoli

Leaf LED String Light

Brand: PepperFry
Product: Leaf LED String Light
Place these leaf-shaped string lights in a transparent glass vase or amongst plants and voila, a luminous Instagram-ready corner!
Price: Rs. 899
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Brand: Soulflower
Product: Candles
The wide range of these aroma candles are made with natural essential oils such as rose, lavender, jasmine and sandalwood and include floating, pillar as well as tea light candles.
Price: Rs. 200 to Rs. 800
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Shola garlands

Brand: Baro Market
Product: Shola garlands
These Shola garlands are not only chic but they are also natural, organic and reusable.
Price: Rs. 300
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Brand: Baro Market
Product: Handcrafted Wooden Goddess Meenakshi Mask
Goddess Meenakshi is a symbol of prosperity and wealth and hence this mask is a perfect addition to your home for Diwali.
Price: Rs. 4,800
Buy here

Handcrafted Wooden Goddess Meenakshi Mask

Gold Candle holder

Brand: Forest Kraft
Product: Gold Candle holder
This distressed gold candleholder made from natural pods and pine cones is perfect for adding either a candle or diya in the centre.
Price: Rs. 1,250
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Brand: Forest Kraft
Product: Abundance torans
Torans or festoons are a sign of good luck and prosperity and these torans in bright hues and crafted using natural pods, cones and other plant-based materials are sure to bring in positive energy.
Price: Rs. 1,999 to 2,499
Buy here

Abundance torans

Outdoor lights

Brand: Ikea
Product: Outdoor lights
This elegant chain of 12 tulip shaped solar powered outdoor lights is just what you to need to brighten up your your patio, verandah or balcony.
Price: Rs. 1,190
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Brand: Amazon
Product: Decorative light curtain
This versatile decorative light curtain replete with 138 LEDs and 12-star ornaments that can be operated in eight scintillating modes is easy to use, safe, power saving and eco-friendly and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
Price: Rs. 549
Buy here

Decorative light curtain

Gyasar cushion covers and table runners

Brand: JuneKeri Homes
Product: Gyasar cushion covers and table runners
Inspired by the enchanting folktales of the silk route, this festive collection is made of Gyasar silk with Tibetan inspired decorative motifs made by twisting gold-coated threads into a single twine in the weft. The brand is run by a mother-daughter duo based in Sikkim and New Delhi.
Price: Rs. 1,029 to 2,350
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Brand: TistaBene
Product: Ruby Pink Bandana Duck Embroidered Round Gaddi
This vibrant fuchsia pouf can add a pop of colour to your Diwali décor and an inviting seating option when you have guests over.
Price: Rs. 1,500
Buy here

Ruby Pink Bandana Duck Embroidered Round Gaddi

Kalika Designer Tissue Holder

Brand: TistaBene
Product: Kalika Designer Tissue Holder
This wooden tissue holder with a lacquer finish is replete with a beautiful lotus print just right for Diwali parties.
Price: Rs. 900
Buy here

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