Products we love: For your kid’s nursery

Amp up the cuteness of your kid’s room with our fun picks





Jungle Safari Bean Chair with Armrests from Peekaboo Patterns, Rs 4000





Mundo Cushion Cover from Nur Home, Rs 1950




Mouse Tooth Fairy from, Rs 1500





African Summer Bed Set from The House Of Things, Rs 17500






Beast Wall Hooks for Girls from Nur Home, Rs 650 (Set of 3)




Palm Tree in Stripes Sipper from Chumbak, Rs 795





Elephant Print Baby Qulit from, Rs 1600





Dual Tone Crochet Basket from, Rs 1090





Boys and Toys Baby Blanket with Pillow from Peekaboo Patterns, Rs 2000





Savings Froggie Money Bank from The Wishing Chair, Rs 750

Produced By: Nidhi Tiwari

27 April 2017


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