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Spaces we love: Bar Botanique, Amsterdam

Walk into this jungle-inspired bar, which is a riot of colours

Every once in a while we are compelled to admit to our maximalist musings - bold colours, bright prints, and a general sense of bohemia. So imagine our delight when we spotted Bar Botanique at the turn of the multicultural Javastraat.

Jade green walls, tropical foliage and the luscious smell of cocktails from the bar send our senses into an overdrive. Plants in interiors can be riotous and refreshing and Bar Botanique with its palm trees, philodendron, ferns and monsteras, ticks both boxes.

There’s a fine line between thematic and design-specific, and the folks at Bar Botanique have straddled it well. Think warm pink walls, green velvet bench rolls, a green tiled menu with papyrus plants stretching along the wall in the mezzanine, and the bar front, tiled in a manner reminiscent of tropical green leaves.

What we love the most though are the double height, large windows, which cover the entire façade of the building letting in plenty of daylight – that coupled with mirrors that hang from the ceiling, thereby reflecting light and the surrounding landscape.


Written By: Pragnya Rao


03 March 2017


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