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Five low maintenance plants

Want to introduce plants in to your interiors but afraid they won’t survive? We got green enthusiast, Neha Nadkarni, to tell us which ones will breathe easy in our homes

Plants are the easiest way to bring in liveliness to your interiors. A single tall one next to your plush sofa, or a cluster of them on your lazy Susan, or some in a trough on your study, plants make the space more lived-in, more loved, and definitely more fabulous.

So if you are wondering which ones to bring in, then here’s a quick list of plants that are easy to care for, and will survive the laziest of green thumbs.

1.     Areca Palm (Also known as Bottle Palm or Table Palm)
They are the feather-like, thin-leaved houseplants that grow quite effortlessly but need a lot of water and sunlight. So make sure, they get their dose of daily Vitamin D.

2.     Sanseveria (Also known as snake plant)
It grows relatively slow and lasts for many years. It can survive without much water and sunlight.

3.     Alstonia Scholaris (Also known as saptaparni)
Ever noticed its seven leaves? An evergreen tropical plant, it can withstand rough conditions and less water too.

4.     Bouganvillea
Everyone’s favourite garden plant, it is a woody climber with stiff curved thorns and bright green leaves. It flowers most with bright sun and little or no water. So if you are type that prefers their plants with flowers, these are ones to go for.

5.     Philadendron
It can tolerate less or moderate lights and grows just as well with less water, and doesn’t require any fertilizer – perhaps, one of the easiest of the lot to grow.


Author Name:

Neha Nadkarni

31 January 2017