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How to plan a home office

  • Interior Design
Mar 22, 2018

Follow these easy steps to setup a home office that meets all your needs while working from home

Whether you’re a young entrepreneur with your own start-up or a seasoned consultant who needs to attend only the occasional meeting, planning a home office can be tricky. We narrowed down seven simple guidelines to follow for an interesting, efficient and inspiring work space right at home:


1.    Designate a space

Choosing the right home interior space is the key. Resist the temptation of simply grabbing your laptop and sitting at the dinner table or plopping on the sofa. This isn’t good for your focus nor convenient to arrange files, papers, notebooks, devices, and stationery. Pick an area that will accommodate these.


2.    Let your work define the design

If you need to spread out swatches of fabric or large blueprints, folding tables or pull-out trays can be handy. If you require multiple screens and lots of wires, ensure they are concealed neatly. This will reduce visual clutter.


3.    Desks or worktables

There are various options available to convert a simple table into a smart workstation. Invest in a table that will make you want to sit down and get to work. An ergonomic chair will be your best investment in the long run.


4.    Smart storage

The desk or workstation should have plenty of drawers. Hooks and flat pockets on vertical surfaces can hold small objects and stationery. Shelving on the walls keeps the floor clear while multipurpose cabinets keep work items organised, easily accessible and dust free.


5.    Light & ventilation

Never underestimate the role of fresh air and good light in staying productive. Some easy to maintain houseplants are a great way to keep the space fresh and cheerful.


6.    Privacy & silence

If you’re seated near a window, choose blinds or double glazing to block surrounding commotion or invest in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. Set house rules about maintaining privacy when you begin working.


7.    Inspiration tools

Surround your home office with books, music, sketch pads and posters related to your passions to boost your imagination. Don’t keep these within easy reach or you will never get off that work station.

Home office interior design with sturdy desk and ergonomic chair - Beautiful Homes

A sturdy desk and ergonomic chair are your best companions when it comes to working from home. Make enough space on your desk to house a small desk lamp as well.

Home office design ideas with wooden table and vintage style chair - Beautiful Homes

Copious amounts of sunlight and fresh air are imperative to remain productive. Find a spot that allows for a good combination of both when you are seated at your work desk.

Simple Home Office Design With Wooden Table & Chair - Beautiful Homes

The key to your home office is placement. Find a place which has minimum distractions and enough room to store your files, folders, notebooks and other reference material. If you are facing a blank wall, prop a peg board that can hold photographs, souvenirs and notes.


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