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7 key features that make a TV console design look expensive

In-built wooden TV console wall for the living room - Beautiful Homes

Reveal your inner creativity with the top 7 key features that make a TV console look expensive while lending some opulence to your living space

A television is significant for movie nights and binge-watching favourite shows. But TVs aren’t invariably the most comfortable things to aesthetically fit into a living room design, particularly if they are big. Decorating a TV stand is so much more than just placing your TV on or above the television stand. You can upgrade your living or entertainment space just by adding a modern TV console design that fits with the room’s overall aesthetic and flow. Don’t miss this chance to inject some character and design into this area, specifically considering how often you and your visitors use this communal space. Check out these seven key features that make a TV console look expensive and help you create your own stylish setup.



1. Selecting the Right Colour

Colours are one of the very significant aspects when it comes to picking your TV Console design. Selecting the correct colour can transform the ambience and the visual appeal of a space. Different ways of painting the colours can make a room look bigger, smaller, extended or narrowed. For an extravagant and pricey look, always opt for neutral colours such as white, black, beige, grey or muted palettes colour. Wood, stone and marble textures are also preferable choices. Polished marble gives a more posh look.

2. Suspended Base Unit

Your simple TV console design can look very chic and minimal with a suspended base unit. It is one of the widespread modern designs for most Indian homes. A suspended base unit presents a neat and sleek look towards the TV console, fetching attention to the TV while presenting a storage room. The most pleasing thing about these floating units is the comfort of cleaning and upkeep! Sweep the floor without anything obstructing your path. This keeps your living area looking tidy and inviting.

Suspended base unit for TV console design with an expensive look - Beautiful Homes
Modern TV console unit design with sleek doors for an expensive look - Beautiful Homes

3. Modern TV Console with Sleek and Handleless Door

An overflowing modern console table can be distracting to look at. We all know that minimal designer tv consoles are a big trend nowadays. A sleek and handleless door will be one of the ways to achieve the minimal aesthetic that is topping the charts. Minimalism appears peaceful to the eyes and soothing to your brain and so to your mood. And how is this achieved? Simply go with a “push-to-open” mechanism!

4. Contemporary TV Console with Open Shelves in between

The TV is often the focal point of your living area, so you need a storage and organization solution that blends with the rest of your furniture and makes a major style statement. Open shelves are awesome to add a personal touch to your TV Cabinet. It's time to show off the cute décor pieces you collected from all over the globe and to show your unique self through interior design. Let your living room do the talking, and you cannot do that without open shelves plan.

TV console unit with open shelving unit for a classy look - Beautiful Homes

5. Modern TV Console as Tea Glass Cabinet

Open shelving structure can attract a lot of dust and grit around, leading to an unpleasant look and might require a lot of cleaning. One of the most appropriate alternatives to this is a tea glass cabinet! Placing your collections and embellishments in tea glass cabinets with aluminium frames, not only adds a hint of your personality, but also boosts the ambience of a living room. The tea glass can have brown and other earthy tones for an elegant touch to the cabinets.

TV console unit design with integrated led lights for an expensive look - Beautiful Homes

6. Integrated LED Light

Lighting is very essential when it comes to house interior design. The lighting has the capacity to completely transform the mood and ambience of the space. With a bit of a futuristic vibe, designer TV consoles can have integrated LED lights. You can also install some LED light in the tea glass cabinets or behind the wall panel. It elevates the design almost immediately.

7. Creative Design Elements for a Simple TV Console Design

Adore minimalism but also want your interior décor to stay beautiful and creative? We have some recommendations for you. Try playing around with volumes, the top wall units with different depths from the floor-standing base units can create an intriguing perspective to the overall design, bringing a more interactive, aesthetic and operational design.


At Beautiful Homes, our interior designers offer an end-to-end solution, a completely personalized service to help you design a stunning house for you. Our designers will make sure that every detail is integrated seamlessly to make your TV console table modern unit as functional and appealing. We will offer guidance with each feature, from the best tv console price, TV wall mounts ideas to the perfect corner tv console placement.

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