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How to arrange the L-shaped sofa for living room?

Indoor plants & modern rugs for your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes
By Pallavi Mehra

Nov 15, 2017

Functional and space-efficient, the L shaped sofa can be used in different ways. Read on to find out how you can work this sectional living room sofa set into your living area

L shaped sofas give a streamlined appearance to your home interiors and are available in a variety of materials and colours. Also known as sectionals, L shaped sofas offer comfort and lots of seating for your living room. They also come in different configurations such as one arm longer than the other, both arms of equal length, with a sofa bed attachment, modular and detachable sectionals, etc. Whether you have a modern or traditional home with a small or large living room, an L shaped sofa can help you enhance your interiors.

This article includes L shaped sofa designs for small living rooms as well as large ones. To help you incorporate these pieces of furniture in your home, we have rounded up a number of L shaped sofa setting ideas. These L shaped sofa ideas will help you make your dream living room a reality. These configurations are visually appealing and easy to execute. Use these ​​L shape sofa living room ideas to instantly elevate your interiors. Sometimes an L shaped sofa is all you need to make a striking statement!

1. Backed into a Corner

When it comes to small living room designs, backed into a corner is our top recommendation for ​​L shaped sofa designs. This is the conventional and most popular way to place an L shaped sofa where both arms are against walls. This is ideal for a small living room as it utilises dead corners while opening up the centre for rugs and a coffee table. To complete the grouping, add ottomans or armchairs on the opposite side. This layout is the most commonly used one from our list of L shaped sofa ideas.

L shaped sofa designs for your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes
Pink living room décor ideas for your modern home interiors - Beautiful Homes

2. Against the Wall

Here, only one side is backed by a wall. The other arm could serve as a space divider between different areas. ​​A large L shaped sofa placed against the wall can provide lots of seating in a living room without taking up too much space. In a small living room, place the side with the backrest near the front door to define an entryway. If this arm is without a backrest, then it can be used as a chaise lounge. From our roundup of L shaped sofa setting ideas, against the wall is one of the easiest ways to incorporate an L shaped sofa in your home. If you do not know where to place your ​​​​modern L shaped sofa, always start by placing it against the wall.

3. In the Centre

This configuration works best for larger spaces or an open layout. You can face the sofa towards a focal point such as a television, a feature wall or a large window. The empty section at the back can be used for accommodating a side console topped with greens, books and travel souvenirs. From the typical L shape sofa living room ideas, in the centre works best for large living rooms. If you have a small living room, we suggest selecting another placement layout from this list.

​​This type of configuration sets up the living room for lounging, especially for a big group.


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White l shaped sofa for your all white living room interior design - Beautiful Homes

4. Effect and Accessories

Use the L shaped sofa to section areas without bringing in more furniture. The free-standing section with a high back could serve to demarcate spaces such as the living room from the dining area. Also, when it comes to the styling of your L shaped sofa setting idea, less is more. When accessorising with cushions, do not go overboard. Stick to a maximum of seven or eight cushions depending on the size of the L shaped sofa.

5. The Intimate Circle

Amongst the L shaped sofa designs for small living rooms, the intimate circle is very popular. Here, use your L shaped sofa with a matching armchair to create a circular sitting area. Place the armchair facing the vertical section of your L shaped sofa to create this layout. The L type sofa is ideal to create a warm and welcoming living room. The sofa design L shape is perfect for an intimate gathering with your loved ones. It’s great for parties and get-togethers with family and friends. From our ​​​​L shaped sofa setting ideas, the intimate circle is one of our favourites!

Photo frames for wall décor in your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes
Open plan layout for your modern home interior design - Beautiful Homes

6. Demarcating Two Different Living Spaces

An L shaped couch can also be used to demarcate two different spaces in a particular room. The length of the L shaped sofa creates a kind of faux wall between spaces. For instance, the length of an L shaped sofa can be utilised to craft a separate living area and dining area in the same room. To further enhance the separation, you can use complementary but slightly different hues in the two spaces. Thus, the sofa design L shape is practical and highly functional while still being aesthetically pleasing. This configuration is a great option from our recommendations of ​​​​L shaped sofa designs for small living rooms.

In a Small Living Room, an L shaped Sofa with One Arm Placed Against the Wall and Another Against the Door, can Help Fframe the Entryway

Select a comfortable L type sofa in a dark hue to create an intimate space for you to unwind in after a long day. A dark hued, small L shaped sofa helps create a soothing and tranquil space. Like pictured, add a statement artwork, a coffee table, décor ​​accessories and planters to complete the space. Furthermore, place your L shaped sofa facing a large window or the TV depending on what you want the focal point of your living room to be.

Decorative items to enhance your living room interior décor - Beautiful Homes
Indoor plants & modern rugs for your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

An L shaped Seating Arrangement does not have to Comprise Only One Sofa

It can also be created with a loveseat and an armchair. The square wedge can be filled with a side table. The advantage of using multiple sofas to create an L shaped seating arrangement is that you can rearrange the sofas anytime. This flexibility will help you to keep things fresh in your living room. Additionally, like showcased in this living room, select a neutral hued sofa and decorate it with pillows to create a visually arresting yet functional space. Also, add artworks, décor pieces and a carpet to tie the space together, and create a harmonious living room L shape sofa setting.


An L Shaped Sofa can be Used to Demarcate Two Different Living Spaces

In a small living area, use circular coffee tables instead of rectangular ones to save space. Moreover, place the side of the L shaped sofa with the higher backrest near the door to define an entryway. As pictured, an L shaped couch creates a cosy ambiance even in a minimally furnished space. Bring in a carpet, lighting fixtures, pillows and additional furniture to make the space look inviting. Also, a neutral coloured, L shaped sofa helps make a small living room seem larger than it is. These L shaped sofa ideas are to help you to craft the living room of your dreams.

If you are still struggling with L shaped sofa ideas and did not find your answer in this modern L shaped sofa guide, it’s best to consult a professional. Along with providing tips on the best colour for your living room and trending design styles, an expert can also guide you on which L shape sofa living room ideas to choose, how to arrange furniture and the best ways to use décor pieces. Their L shape sofa living room ideas will help you craft a cosy living room.

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Now that you know how to arrange L-shaped sofa in living room, you must check out our article on living room plan for a complete guide on living room layout for your modern home.


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