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Diwali décor ideas for your living room

  • Interior Design
Oct 05, 2017
Diwali Décor Ideas For Your Living Room With Hanging Lights - Beautiful Homes

We got one of our favourite home interior bloggers, Rohina Anand Khira of AA Living to give us her top décor ideas for the living room


Picture this, you are two weeks away from Diwali, and are deep into getting the house dusted, cleaned and spruced up in time for the big day (Read about our Tips to clean your home before Diwali) with possibly little or no time for a full fledged renovation. So Rohina has put together a bunch of easy to do ideas to help you redo your living room just in time for Diwali.


1.    Introduce a large, ornate mirror in your living room design. “This adds to the formal environment and immediately elevates the space,” says Rohina. Also, this creates an illusion of more room.


2.    “Invest in a beautiful throw as it can change the entire outlook of your room,” suggests Rohina. You can opt for one with gold trimmings or edges, floral or geometric patterns or even hand embroidered ones to take your decorations up a notch.


3.    Cushions can be quite the game changers too. You can either buy them in contrast with the throw or in complementing tones. Opt for bright coloured, patchworked or sequined covers that can instantly enliven your living room.


4.    “Something as simple as changing your rug can also make a huge difference,” says Rohina. Carpets can revitalise your room in a jiffy and act as space dividers. Alternately, you can also experiment with dhurries.


5.    Diwali decorations cannot be complete without lights. Rohina suggests using fairy lights to add that Diwali glamour into your space. “You can jumble them and put the bunch into nice glass jars, prisms or any transparent holder for a stunning effect. They can also be strung over a bouquet of flowers,” she recommends.

6.    Fresh flowers can make all the difference when it comes to décor. “You can put them in a nice vase on the centre table or even in a bowl of water with a tea light in the centre,” adds Rohina.


7.    Tea light votive holders that can accommodate 10-15 tea lights will also help. “These can also double up as your centre piece, so you don’t have to go looking for another one,” explains Rohina. Also, as diyas tend to get messy after a while, Rohina recommends replacing them with tea lights.


8.    A nice smelling home is also vital to the celebrations. “Combine herbs from your kitchen such as star anise, cinnamon, cloves, apple slices etc for a nice DIY pot pourri,” suggests Rohina. “If not, then there are plenty of scented candles that are available so  you can also choose those.”


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