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5 colour combinations for living room

  • Colour Combinations
By Editors, Beautifulhomes
6 min read
Nov 26, 2021
Green & white two coloured combination for the living room - Beautiful Homes

Any professional interior designer will tell you, colour has power. It can be used to evoke diverse moods, tell a story within a home, even change the way someone feels in a space. So deciding on the wall colour combination for living room can be high stakes and fairly tricky. Before you begin choosing paint colours for living room, furniture, or décor items, it’s essential to understand which colours work best together and why. Your choice of colours for living room sets the tone for your house interiors. Make the space cosy and inviting with the best colour combination for living room. There are several different approaches you can take when it comes to living room painting ideas, here are a few:

Go for Colours with related Temperatures for your hall colour combination.

Colours can be classified into two categories—they’re either warm-toned or cool-toned. And pairing colours with like temperatures always results in a pleasant colour combination. For instance, pairing cool shades like blues and greens together always go well with each other. Or pairing a combination of warm neutrals, such as a soft beige with a rich brown or a deep shade of orange, will be equally pleasing to the eye.

Neutral colour palette for the living room colour combination - Beautiful Homes
Monochrome paint colour combination for your living room - Beautiful Homes

Choose to go Monochrome

Monochromatic palettes have been a trend forever and we love them. Think tone on tone. It’s a very refined look and is almost foolproof to pull off and work well for you. Colours within the same hue but slightly different tones—for example, a pale blue with a deeper blue—will always look captivating.

Opt for a Complementary and modern two colour combination for living room

Opposites attract and this definitely stands true when thinking about colour in terms of the colour wheel. Colours opposite one another tend to complement each other and look stunning when paired together.

Different colour combinations for your living room

Discover a fresh look for your space with these living room colour combination ideas you can easily adapt, to match your taste.

1. Introduce hints of pink to add some warmth

Pink is considered one of the best colours for living room walls. When we talk about making an impact with pink paints for living rooms, the key is to mix tones, to avoid the scheme from feeling too sickly and sweet. Pink comes in all manner of exquisite temperatures and tones to create a grown-up timeless décor that benefits from urbane touches of earthy neutrals such as mink and creamy tones.

Pink shades of wall colour combinations for your living room - Beautiful Homes
Botanical green & marine blue wall colour combinations for your living room - Beautiful Homes

2. Complement botanical greens with marine blues for living room

Add marine-inspired shades of green and blue to build a calming scheme that reflects the colours of a coastal topography.  You can add extra character to a neutral space by layering other floral and fauna patterns on fabrics and ceramics, leaving your walls, floor and sofa in block colours to keep the look from becoming finicky.

3. Combine white and Grey for the perfect living room aesthetic

Grey and white have been the most popular neutrals for numerous years and are one of the best wall colour combination for living room. Their popularity shows no signs of waning as the hue, it's become a  popular choice and admired for its adaptability and refinement. The shades provide a stylish backdrop to any area, with much more dimension than just white. 

4. Perfect your living room with peach and lime

Peach and lime are the two perfectly complementing shades. This two colour combination for living room forms an energetic and refreshing ambience. Peach is a fascinating colour as it contributes to the comfort of the space and can have a calm/relaxing effect, while lime is lively and rejuvenating.

Peach & lime modern colour combinations for the living room - Beautiful Homes

5. Introduce turquoise to tonal blues

Choose a deep shade that adds personality and character to your living room in daylight and cuddly warm cosiness at night. Pick a turquoise hue with an energising vivacity that isn’t bold or overwhelming. It’s also an ideal partner for mid blue.
Keep the flooring pale for a bit of balance and continue the colour across the furniture. Hints of white on living room wall painting, artwork, shelving, lighting and furniture have a calming influence on a colour-saturated plan.

White & grey shade for wall colour combination for your hall design - Beautiful Homes

Pick a Colour Scheme for Your Living room Colour Combination

Choose your colour scheme based on some living room Colour Combination inspiration. Avoid choosing an inspiration you just like, but don’t absolutely love. Try to comprehend the colour theory behind your inspiration as that would make it possible for you to introduce more shades to your palette. It will also help you in avoiding getting locked into just one colour inspiration.


Have a plan

Choosing modern living room colour combinations that work together becomes important – more than ever. Using shades and colours of similar temperatures can work well for the living room.

Spruce up your living rooms with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes

There’s no denying the fact that a living room is the showpiece of a home – a place where you entertain guests or spend time bonding with your family. It’s only natural that you want it to be the eye candy for your home. Paints for living rooms play an important role in transforming them. It can help to brighten up a dull or dark space or give a tranquil vibe to a busy or small living room.

Neutral shades of colour combinations for the modern living room design - Beautiful Homes



  1. Which color combination is best for living room?

    Some of the best living room colour combinations are Purple and pink, Teal and white, Yellow with blue or mix shades of pink.  


  2. How do you combine colours in a living room?

    Knowing the 30-60-90 rule, Understanding the rues of patterns scale, creating colour harmony by using multi coloured patterns are some of the factors that can be considered by combining colours for living room


  3. What colours should you not put together?

    Dark and Dark colours like Burgundy Red and dark swamp combinations, Cool & warm colours should not be combined.


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