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Tips to pick the right kitchen floor tiles

  • Flooring
Mar 19, 2021
Zig zag design ideas for kitchen floor tiles - Beautiful Homes

Kitchens do more than just satisfying your cravings at all times. It is the space all your visitors visit at some point in time, more often on a cocktail night. It is the space that affects your eating habits and inspires your cooking practices. And believe it or not, its design plays a very important role in doing all of the above.

However, what we more often miss is how the kitchen tiles could single handedly change its design game. Not convinced just yet? Let us take you through some of the most interesting kitchen floor tile design ideas and tips;

Stone Tiles For A Traditional Home Design

This is a classic go-to floor tile material for kitchens if you love a cozy, traditional design theme. Couple it with wooden structures and some house plants and enjoy the joy of cooking with a pinch of nostalgia every day.

Pro tip: Always go for warm lights in traditional kitchen designs. They really set the mood right.

Traditional kitchen design stone tiles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Banaji

Sectional monochrome kitchen floor tiles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Purple Backyard

Sectional Monochrome Floor Tiles

If your kitchen is situated between two spaces connected by a corridor, using printed floor tiles that cover the kitchen inside and its little extended section, really makes the space stand out. The monochrome printed tiles here add a little pop to this well-lit pastel modern kitchen. While the overalls are in neutrals, one of the high chairs matching the cabinets on the inside is design genius. Don’t you agree?

Patterned Floor Tiles In Shades Of The Walls

We’re not sure what’s more soothing, the fact that the patterned floor tiles a smooth mix of the wall shades or the Victorian pastel structures. It’s probably the unexpected amalgamation of them both.

The beauty of this kitchen design is you could replace all the shades in this space and yet the tile pattern would successfully make this space stand out. Just the perfect example of how the floor tiles can make all the difference!

Patterned kitchen floor tile design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Modular kitchen tile designs matching slab - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Where The Floor Matches The Slab

Not as common as it could be, matching your kitchen floor tile design with the slab could really be a great hack to easily design a stunning space. While the walls are an artistic splash of every shade this modular kitchen embodies, the cabinets cut through the noise and add some calm.

Tiles With A Pop Of Colour

We can’t help but notice how much attention to details have been paid while putting this modular kitchen together. While the maximum of this space is in shades of grey, the aqua blue and peach really add a smooth pop of colour.

The most interesting part about the floor tiles here is how the zig zag section effortlessly merges with the diagonal one. Not to mention, the integration of vibrant hues, just a little! When it comes to kitchen design, the right flooring can truly tie the space together and create a cohesive look.

Zig zag design ideas for kitchen floor tiles - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Tinted modern kitchen floor design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Arch Studio

Sometimes Tinted Marbles Do Wonders

If you’d like to keep it simple yet stylish, go for white marble floors and they will never let you down. We admire how the wooden structures, yellow cabinet doors and abstract washbasin, all subtly add to this modern kitchen design.

Mosaic Floor Tiles Are One Of A Kind

If you love collecting unique pieces irrespective of a category, mosaic floor tiles might just do the trick! While everything in this kitchen design is in sober shades, the floor truly is the showstopper. And the best part about using mosaic tiles is that you can use any set of colours to create a pattern you like.

Mosaic tiles for kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD

Matching kitchen floor tiles ideas with ceiling - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

Each Tile Is Different Yet Similar

Notice how every marble tile has a slightly different pattern even though the shade is almost too similar? That’s a great pick for any kitchen design theme. Match the floor tile shade with the ceiling and allow yourself to play around with contrasting hues through the cabinets of your modular kitchen to create a simple yet unique space. We love how a part of the walls are covered in patterned tiles that match the vibrant shades of this kitchen design. If you're looking to elevate the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, don't forget to consider the importance of interior design. The right combination of colours, patterns, and textures can transform your space into a work of art and make every meal feel like a special occasion.


Which floor tile design tip, would you say, really enhance your approach to kitchen designs?



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