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Small kitchen design ideas to maximise kitchen space

  • Interior Design
By Tasneem Merchant
8 min read
Feb 20, 2018
All-white small kitchen with tiled backsplash & hanging lights - Beautiful Homes

The kitchen forms an integral part of any house, after all, this is the one spot where everyone catches up with each other after the day is done. However, small apartments have less space dedicated to the kitchen, which can make food preparation and storage quite a task. Therefore, we have compiled a list of modern kitchen design ideas that are easy to incorporate in your homes. These tiny kitchen ideas will help make your dream kitchen a reality.


We believe that small kitchens can also be practical and aesthetically pleasing. There are a few tricks and tips you can employ to make the small modular kitchen space seem bigger than what it is. Play with colours – experiment with colour blocking and muted shades; invest in open shelving and etageres, utilise the dining table as an island kitchen while prepping food and plan your lighting smartly, illuminating dark corners and spotlighting the essentials. These small kitchen ideas will help you refresh your kitchen's interiors instantly. 


If your kitchen space is limited to a singular wall, think about creating an alcove in the adjoining wall for some extra space

You can place the sink in this corner with a little extended counter to store clean dishes. Extend your counter across the wall for a combined dining table as well. In a small kitchen, choose furniture, which is multifunctional such as a table that can be used as a dining table or a preparation counter. Bright vibrant colours in small doses help enliven this small kitchen. 

An all-white colour scheme makes the space look more open and airy

A grey variant used on the storage cupboard and cabinets under the counter almost goes unnoticed. Floating shelves are your best friends in small spaces as they come in handy when organising things you use daily. The floor has been kept light in accordance with the overall colour scheme. These modern kitchen design ideas will help you design a charming kitchen in which you will enjoy spending time.

Small modular kitchen with storage cupboard design - Beautiful Homes
Beige & green small kitchen with under-sink storage - Beautiful Homes

In a small kitchen, rods and racks are nifty storage options

If you don't like exposed shelves and would rather keep jars and bottles out of sight, full length storage cupboards built into walls are an option. Here the green splashback, matching light and potted plants inject colour into the otherwise neutral space. These simple kitchen design ideas add drama and personality to any space.

Create a focal point in your kitchen by using a statement chandelier

Use complementary tones to create synergy in the space. Potted greens inject an instant freshness to any space and provide visual relief. This compact kitchen features pale green cabinets, an abstract backsplash and an arresting rattan chandelier. A small dining table close by can be used as an additional preparation counter as well. The dramatic abstract backsplash adds intrigue and drama to the space. These modular kitchen design ideas are aesthetically beautiful and harmonious.

Kitchen design with dining area & lighting fixture - Beautiful Homes
All-white small kitchen with tiled backsplash & hanging lights - Beautiful Homes

In a small kitchen it's a good idea to add large cabinets that keep the pots and pans out of sight

Here, sleek white cabinets with black handles craft a chic and sophisticated vibe. Keep the  countertops clutter-free for a clean look. Moreover, a small potted plant adds a pop of colour. These kitchen ideas for small kitchens help create an uncluttered space.

Another simple way to add warmth to a small kitchen is to add a statement rug

It will warm up the room and add colour and pattern without overwhelming your kitchen. Match the colour of your rug to the cabinets for a cohesive look. The warm tones of this kitchen make it inviting and calming. Also, in a small kitchen, it's important to utilise all the vertical space. Here, floor-to-ceiling cabinets ensure that every corner is utilised well. From this list of ​​​​modern small kitchen ideas, this is one of the simplest to execute.

Modular kitchen design with marble countertop & backsplash lighting - Beautiful Homes
Open modular kitchen with hanging shelf - Beautiful Homes

If you have less storage, ​​​​add storage with rods hanging from the ceiling

Brass rods look stylish and are perfect for hanging pots, pans and crockery. Ensure that your kitchen gets plenty of natural light, which will help brighten up the space and make it appear larger than it is. Additionally, white on white can open up even the smallest of spaces. These kitchen design for small kitchens are innovative and easy to implement.

Make your kitchen fun by painting your cabinets in bright colours and add statement lighting fixtures

Small kitchen interior design doesn't have to be plain and boring! Here, bright yellow cabinets and an arresting rattan chandelier add whimsy to a small kitchen. Also, bring in crockery in vibrant hues to add some personality to your small kitchen. These small kitchen decorating ideas add a touch of fun to any ambiance.

Modular kitchen design with marble countertop & backsplash lighting - Beautiful Homes

If you find closed cabinets boring, you can add some open shelves to your kitchen.

Here, open shelves add drama and intrigue to the otherwise plain kitchen. If you opt for open shelves, carefully select interesting decor pieces and crockery that are striking and work well together. Add some potted plants and colourful crockery to bring in some vibrancy. From this round up of kitchen interior design ideas, this idea is the most visually striking one. These very small kitchen ideas will help you make most of your space.

Small kitchen design ideas with abstract backsplash - Beautiful Homes

Make a small kitchen look larger with abundant natural light

Here, a skylight and large windows let in plenty of sunlight making it a bright and airy kitchen. Dark green cabinets, gold accents and dramatic chandeliers and a glamorous touch. These kitchen interior design ideas will help you craft a space, which is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional at the same time. These small space small kitchen design ideas will help you make your kitchen appear bigger than it is.

FAQs for small kitchen design ideas


1. How do I design a small kitchen layout?

Our small kitchen interior design ideas are simple to incorporate, no matter your budget. Start with the essentials, such as the placement of your stove, fridge and sink. Thereafter, move on to storage spaces and preparation areas. Use all your vertical space for cabinets or shelves. In a small kitchen, use light hues and sleek appliances. Make sure it's well lit with ambient lighting and task lighting as well. Add a kitchen island or a small table with stools if space permits. If you're still unsure, it's best to consult a professional.


2. What kind of kitchen design is recommended for small spaces?

Our kitchen design ideas for small spaces will make your kitchen appear larger than it is. For small spaces, a U-shaped kitchen is often recommended. Another option is an L-shaped kitchen. Also, don't forget to use every inch to your advantage and incorporate large cabinets and other space saving solutions.


3. What colours make the kitchen look bigger?

Small kitchen interior design ideas include a thoughtfully curated colour scheme. Select light colours such as pale blues, greens, or yellows to make the space appear bigger. White is another great option for small kitchens. While you should pick light colours for your cabinets and counters, you can add a pop of colour with your fittings, backsplash or lighting fixtures.


These small kitchen design ideas will help you design a warm and welcoming kitchen, which appears bigger than it is. If you still need additional small kitchen ideas and did not find your answer in this guide, it's advisable to consult a professional. Along with providing kitchen design ideas for small spaces and trending design styles, an expert can also guide you on which ​​furnishings to choose and how to arrange the furniture and décor pieces.


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