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The most unique ways to create a modern kitchen design

  • Interior Design
Feb 07, 2020
Modern Kitchen Design with Bright Red Backsplash in Glossy Finish in a Muted Kitchen - Beautiful Homes

When we think of modern kitchens, a thousand images from online blogs, catalogues and Pinterest come to mind. With their sleek wooden cabinetry, marble countertops and roomy islands fitted with the latest technology, these kitchens are a visual delight.


However, in the humble Indian kitchen, while we may want to emulate these designs, space and budget constraints, difference in lifestyle and cooking habits as well as the number of people who use the kitchen (a space sometimes relegated only to the house help), leave us wondering what exactly makes for a luxury modern kitchen design in India?


We break down the ideas and rules that can work for any space or budget to help inspire you to create your own Indian modern kitchen design.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design: Give Your Kitchen A Modern Makeover

Many homes across India, which have been passed down for generations, have rich heritage structures and designs across the space. While these homes are architectural marvels that have withstood the test of time (and weather), often they require a serious upgrade or renovation. This doesn’t mean you have to let go of the existing style of your home. To create a luxury modern kitchen design, you can simply add elements of contemporary décor to compliment the pre-existing and now restored windows, woodwork and panelling.


Insider’s Eye: This Indian modern kitchen design marries an interesting play of geometrics in its backsplash tiles with the grills of the windows.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas for an Old-Style Kitchen With Striped Window and Geometric Backsplash - Beautiful Homes

Designed by Mangesh Lungare

Modern Kitchen Design With Wooden Green and Light Brown Storage Cabinets Ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, IKEA

Modern Kitchen Interior Design: Colour Blocking Your Cabinetry

Every simple modern kitchen design comprises sleek, clean-lined cabinetry to compliment the rest of its interiors. However, if too much uniformity feels dull and goes against your personal style, consider adding a pop of colour to the heart of your home by colour blocking your cabinets and drawers. A big trend prediction for 2020: pairing bold and contrasting colours will be a to-go move to make any space brighter and livelier.


Insider’s Eye: In this modern kitchen interior design, half the cabinetry is in the same wood finish as the countertop, which is contrasted by the green-painted finish on the rest of the cabinets.

Modern Kitchen Design: Sleek Monochrome Palette Will Never Go Out Of Style

Like our personal style and fashion choices, while we would love to continuously upgrade our spaces with new design elements and innovations every season, budget and time constraints don’t always allow for it. That, paired with the headache of putting up with renovation dust and mess leaves us wanting more longevity with our modern kitchen interior design. Sticking to basic colour palettes will help keep your simple modern kitchen design timeless and classic through the years.


Pro Tip: With clean white walls and matte dark grey cabinetry, this kitchen is far from dull. The white accessories scattered around lend a dash of brightness to the design of this modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design with Wooden Dark Brown Storage Cabinets Ideas and Kitchen Accessories - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Burbidge

Modern Kitchen Design with Wooden Dark Brown Storage Cabinets Ideas and Kitchen Accessories - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ira Gosalia for We Design Studio

Modern Small Kitchen ideas: Mix And Match Your Tiles

The design of modular kitchen in this photo may look like any ordinary Indian modern kitchen design until you notice the play of tiles. On the floor there’s a mix of muted colour geometrics, while on the walls behind the countertop we find a simple layout of white square tiles. The placement of both is clever and makes for an interesting look. While the flooring pairs well with the dark woodwork, the simple backsplash tiles add a clean slate to the countertop. Had the tiles’ placement been opposite, the countertop space would have looked far too busy.

Small Modern Kitchen Ideas: Find Big Ideas In Small Spaces

When one thinks of a modern small kitchen ideas, one thinks or hopes for a lot a space to fit in all the modern technology, cabinetry, fittings, and maybe even a kitchen island. Although at first glance this kitchen may seem to include all the trappings of a modern kitchen interior design, at a closer look one can notice it’s actually quite narrow. Narrow countertops and cabinets placed generously on all three walls have made space for every necessary appliance and storage requirement: no kitchen is too small for a luxury modern kitchen design makeover.

Modern Kitchen Design with Wooden Dark Brown Storage Cabinets Ideas and Kitchen Accessories - Beautiful Homes

Photographix for Neha Kachhara Interiors

Modern kitchen Design With Furniture in White and Light Brown and Modern Kitchen Accessories - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Bungalow 99

A Modern Kitchen Design For Easy Clean Up

In a kitchen design, all the walls adjacent to the countertops are designed for an easy clean up. The intricate-coloured tile backsplash behind the stove in this kitchen and the glossy walls behind the counters are both a fuss-free solution for wiping away splatters and spillages without stress.


Pro Tip: Even the cabinetry here, even though in a stark white tone, has a glossy finish, which will make wipe downs much easier and quicker. Glossy cabinets are suitable for a small modern kitchen design.

Simple Modern Kitchen Design: Space To Bring The Whole Family Together

If you have the space for it, fitting in a dining table in your kitchen creates a luxury modern kitchen design that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Especially if yours is a family that likes to cook together. An Indian modern kitchen design like this is a space that works well for parents working from home—who need to juggle between work and house-chores while also overseeing their kids’ school work —or for whipping up Sunday brunches with family and friends. Alternatively, this can also be the perfect shared space solution for the whole family to come together at the start of the day and have breakfast before heading out to school and work.


Pro Tip: Far from being a solution available only to big kitchens, bringing the dining table into the kitchen space is a viable

White Colour Modern Kitchen Design Ideas, Open Shelves and Dining Table for Kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Kitchenmakers

Image courtesy, Kitchenmakers

Modern Kitchen Interior Design: Space For Your Personal Style To Shine

Even if your kitchen is rarely seen by other members of the house or even guests, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add personal elements or pieces of décor to it. While an ample number of cabinets and drawers are necessary for storing all your crockery, cutlery, ingredients and appliances, a few open shelves on the wall can be an interesting place to display regularly used and well-designed mugs, cooking books or framed art.


Pro Tip: Using open shelving in the kitchen is a great way to display items in the kitchen, especially if it’s an open kitchen design, which will lend its design to the adjoining spaces.

Small Modern Kitchen Ideas: Right Backsplash Will Save You Time During Clean Ups

When planning our modern kitchen design, we think of equipping it with the latest technology and sleekest cabinetry. However, we also need to inevitably think of the usual mess, dirt and clean ups that will regularly go on in this space. For this reason, it’s important mention that some colours, materials and finishes can absorb stains over a prolonged period of time (think haldi and tadka), which will result in a dirty-looking space. During the design of modern kitchens, remember that tiles or paints in glossy finishes make wipe downs much easier and hassle-free. Glossy backsplashes are convenient for small modular kitchen.


Insider’s Eye: In this kitchen, not only is the glossy backsplash easy to clean, but it also adds a pop of colour in the otherwise muted grey space behind the countertop.


Modern Kitchen Design with Bright Red Backsplash in Glossy Finish in a Muted Kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle, Architect- Anagram Architects

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas With Cabinets, Light Green Drawers and Marble Island Kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

Draw Inspiration From Nature For Your Modern Kitchen Design

Allowing for ample natural light and overlooking the greenery and surroundings outside, this modern kitchen design draws inspiration from nature with a mix of minty shades for its cabinets and drawers, along with verdant tiles. Even the island chairs are in a shade of green to match the rest of the décor.


Pro Tip: While this room has a lot of elements in green, it still doesn’t feel overdone, as it’s balanced with white walls and a long marble countertop.

A Modern Kitchen Interior Design Makeover Using Simple Grouting

With square tiles on both the floor and the walls, this modern kitchen design could easily be labelled as uninspiring. However, the simple black grouting contouring the white tiles lends to the space an interesting geometric vibe: it’s innovative, cheap and super easy to do. What colours grout should you use for a modern look? That’s up to you! A black grout on white tiles is a trick bound to freshen up every space, but nowadays we can find grout in so many different colours that you’ll be spoiled for choice, while looking to add a touch of your personal style to your Indian modern kitchen design.

Modern Kitchen Design win Turquoise Storage Cabinet and Black Grouting on White Tiles - Beautiful Homes

Architect- MuseLAB

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