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Lighting tips for a brighter kitchen

Modern kitchen lighting ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Planning your kitchen interiors? Here are some lighting options to help brighten the kitchen

Kitchen lighting design needs to be a flexible system in the household. As kitchens nowadays are used for a wide variety of functions, kitchen lighting may need to adapt to various times of the day as well. It may be the case that lights for kitchen in your space needs to go from bright light in the day to a more intimate light in the evening for dinner. Positioning the kitchen lights in a good way also achieves this well. Let’s look at some of the ways to design your kitchen lighting in order to make it look amazing.

1. Recessed Lighting

Recessed light fixtures can be a great addition for ambient lighting. Recessed lighting can be used in conjecture with the usual light bulbs when it comes to adding lights for the kitchen. When correctly spaced out, this would look great. This combination makes up a really nice lighting structure that makes a lot of footfall happen. It also creates an ease and comfort for the occupants of the home, to carry on with their tasks without bumping into corners or blind spots. Recessed lights could also be placed closer and angular to the walls, thus giving the whole place a wall-washing look because the light would bounce off slowly. Thus, due to these kitchen ceiling lights you will have the entire kitchen lit up but not in a manner that is too harsh. When planning a kitchen renovation, don't forget to consider the impact of the right kitchen design on the lighting scheme, including the placement of recessed light fixtures.

Modern hanging lights for your kitchen interior design - Beautiful Homes

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Modern kitchen lighting for backsplash - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Jaroslav Moravcik/ shutterstock

2. Task Lighting

Task lighting under your shelves or cabinets can be a great idea for your kitchen lighting design. Task lighting, which is a type of modular kitchen lights, would ensure that the light in the kitchen is shadow-free. Task lighting also creates focus zones in the kitchen. It makes sense to install task lighting in areas like shelves in the kitchen because those are areas where the most intense work is done. LED kitchen lighting could also be used in and around areas like the stove, the kitchen island, and even the sink. 

Task lighting that is connected to a central light switch would be a great idea - so that you do not have to move up and down the kitchen every time you need to move to a new area. Kitchen cabinet lighting can be under a hob, over and under a shelf, or even over the kitchen island.

3. Pendant Lighting

A set of designer pendant lights adds an aesthetic appeal and a character to our space. If you have a large kitchen, or if you have a breakfast bar or a kitchen island in it, ambient lighting won’t suffice there. In this situation, you might have to go beyond cookie-cutter light fixtures or modular kitchen lights. Pendant lights are a good option, while you are choosing them, the things to take into consideration are its shape, its brightness, and the finish of the fixture. The most popular variant is the 3-pendant lights one. But you can change it as per your kitchen’s color palette and the size of the area you need livened up. In a kitchen with a high ceiling, adding low hanging lights for kitchen (also called kitchen pendant 

Kitchen ceiling lights over a marble kitchen island - Beautiful Homes

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lighting) over the kitchen islands would visually lower the sense of scale. Pendant lights for the kitchen (or kitchen pendant lighting) would also help in decreasing the number of uplights required. Pendant lights are usually used as kitchen island lighting.


4. Profile Lighting

Profile lights are more effective than overall lighting. Overall ambient lighting makes a kitchen look brighter and more open, profile lights tick the boxes of aesthetic appeal and functional utility. Profile lights can be used to complement overhead lighting while also filling out shadow spots in the region. Profile lights can be used to amplify the ambiance of the kitchen to make it feel like a variety of moods - you can go warmer, or cooler, or homely or loud.


5. Skylights

If you have a lot of sources of natural light, or skylights, you should consider adding extra lighting around them. This should be done so that they do not look like a black hole at night. An LED strip around the skylight fixture, resulting in LED kitchen lighting should do the trick thereby making a good example of great lights for kitchen.


So those are the top 5 ways to brighten up your kitchen. There are some pro tips we would also like to share with you.



  1. The simplest trick in the book to add more light is to use brighter lamps. Bulbs and tubes with more voltage would add more light to the room. You can adjust this as you are comfortable. Obvious, isn’t it?

  2. Bright hues added to the modern kitchen design can also aid in vibrancy and reflectivity. The more light that reflects, the less dark the kitchen looks.

  3. Choose your lighting carefully from fluorescent tube lights, bulbs or LEDs.

  4. Mounting a mirror could also help with reflectivity. Another classic trick from the book of interior design.

  5. Using metallic accent pieces like the sink or the stove or the chimney to reflect light and position your lighting fixtures accordingly would help a lot with your kitchen lighting needs. Using reflective surfaces like metal is the best hack to increase the brightness of your kitchen.
Hanging lights for kitchen interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Robert Kneschke/ shutterstock

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