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Chic waterfall edge counter designs to elevate the look of your kitchen

  • Ideas and Inspiration
By Nadezna Siganporia
6 min read
Oct 06, 2021

When it comes to the kitchen there are two features that command the most visual attention by virtue of their size – one is the storage units like cabinetry and drawers and the other is the kitchen countertops. A design trend gaining popularity with modular kitchen interiors is the waterfall edge countertop. If you are looking to contemporize the look of your kitchen, consider waterfall countertops that can completely change the appearance of this space. 

What is a waterfall edge kitchen counter top?

Traditional kitchen countertops feature slabs that sit horizontally on the counter, base storage or kitchen island. They either end with a finished edge or a rim. Waterfall edge counters continue vertically down the side of the island, storage or eating area and end at the floor. As the name suggests, the countertop gives the appearance of “flowing” over the edge, just like a waterfall over a cliff.


One can use a variety of materials to create a waterfall edge countertop like marble, quartz, engineered quartz, terrazzo, granite and travertine. Keep in mind that waterfall edge counters are more expensive and tedious to install. The key is to create a seamless flow from the horizontal surface to the vertical one. Make sure to consult well-reputed experts to give you the best advice and material use for your modular kitchen like the Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints.


Read on for a few waterfall edge counter design ideas to inspires your next kitchen renovation.

Functional waterfall edged kitchen island as eating area & storage units - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sidekix Media/ Unsplash

Marble waterfall edge kitchen island paired with wooden modular kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Breadmaker/ shutterstock.com

A marble marvel – Waterfall edge kitchen countertop

This beautiful marble kitchen island sees a waterfall edge on one end. In contrast to the marble, the rest of the island and remaining kitchen countertops are a calming shade of grey. Shaker-style cabinet doors, subway tile backsplash, glass pendants, a touch of wood and plush upholstery on the stools add to the beauty of the kitchen.

An attached breakfast nook – Waterfall edge kitchen countertop

To get the most out of your modular kitchen interiors, you can extend your L-shape kitchen into a U-shape kitchen design one by creating a small breakfast nook. Give this little nook a sleek, modern feel by finishing the counter with a waterfall edge, as seen in this image. Make sure you have enough room for easy circulation in the space. In this all-white kitchen with light wood floors, the white waterfall edge counter stands out for its design but isn’t overpowering the room. The simple wood and metal bar stools work perfectly to tie the kitchen and eating area together.

Modular kitchen design with waterfall edge kitchen countertop as eating area - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Josh Hemsley/ Unsplash

Modular kitchen having dining table with waterfall edges & rustic chairs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Jakob Owens/ Unsplash

A stand-alone eating area – Waterfall edge kitchen countertop

Waterfall edges don’t have to be used only on kitchen countertops; take a cue from this contemporary kitchen and add a stand-alone eating area to the room. By using marble that matches the kitchen counters and backsplash, the designers have crafted a ‘dining table’ with waterfall edges. The thick, block-like structure along with the almost rustic chairs brings a little texture to the contemporary space.

A dark and dreamy kitchen – Waterfall edge kitchen island

If you like the look of dark modular kitchen interiors, take inspiration from this one where the materials used on the cabinetry, countertops and flooring are extremely well-matched. Adding to the seamless flow from one surface to the other is the waterfall edge kitchen island that adds to the dark sophistication of the space. The matte finish surfaces also have a hint of visual texture to each. We love how the elegant wood chopping board with a knife stand adds a hint of warmth as well as a ton of functionality to the space.

Image courtesy, Ottimo

All white glossy waterfall edged kitchen island with lighting fixture - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sidekix Media/ Unsplash

A modern ensemble – Waterfall edge kitchen island

Here’s the recipe for a perfect modern kitchen design – glossy surfaces, sleek recessed lighting, flat-front cabinetry with ‘barely there’ handles and creamy white waterfall edge countertops on the main base storage and kitchen island. Add a few visually interesting features to the mix like a back-lit wood panel of the kitchen island that stands out against the white quartz or a wood skirting near the ceiling that adds a touch of warmth to the space.

A multi-functional kitchen island – Waterfall edge kitchen island

In this kitchen, the island provides a lot of utility including extra storage and housing the cooking range as well as the oven. The waterfall edge quartz countertop gives the appearance of almost being wrapped around this block. The shaker-style cabinets, steel finish of the appliances and pendant lighting as well as pale grey subway tile backsplash complete the look.

Blue & white waterfall edge quartz kitchen countertop with utility including extra storage & oven - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Christa Grover/ Unsplash

Marble waterfall edge kitchen island paired with grey shades in kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Joe Hendrickson/ shutterstock.com

A wood and white delight – Waterfall edge kitchen island

In this kitchen, the marble waterfall edge countertop of the island wonderfully complements the warmth of the wood used both on the island and for the cabinetry. The veins of the marble and grain of the wood stand-out without overpowering the décor and give the space just enough visual texture. A key design detail with this waterfall edge is to match the veins of the marble from the horizontal surface to the vertical one. The careful attention to detail in matching the veins of the marble from the horizontal surface to the vertical one demonstrates the expertise in home interior design that was employed in creating this stunning kitchen.


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