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Beyond overhead cabinets: Kitchen storage ideas

Beyond Overhead Kitchen Cabinets Design: Kitchen Storage Ideas - Beautiful Homes
By Tasneem Merchant

Jul 27, 2018

If there’s one place we need more storage, it’s the kitchen. Read on for more options beyond the conventional overhead cabinets that will help you organise the kitchen better


If there's one thing we are always craving for in the kitchen, it is extra storage. There never seems to be enough room for all our pots and pans or our delicate china. While we’re all for adding more storage, we’d much rather that it weren't an eye-sore. Overhead cabinets provide enough space but we’re not particular fans of them looming over our heads constantly. So, we went looking for some stylish, design-savvy kitchen cabinet design options. Read on:


Open shelves
This is the classic alternative to overhead cabinets. It involves installing wooden planks on the wall that act as a ledge on which you can keep things. These are visually light, easy to clean and make it easier to reach for those ingredients you frequently use. Open shelving is a great addition to any Kitchen Design, as it not only provides easy access to frequently used items, but also adds a touch of warmth and character to the space.


Mesh rack
Another option to consider instead of overhead cabinets is mesh racks or wireframe stands. Apart from the ones readily available in the market, you can also get them custom-made to fit your kitchen alcoves. By including wheels underneath these, you can turn it into a handy trolley.


Overhead pot rack
Storing your pots and pans has never been easier. Suspending a pot rack over head with several hooks and rods to hang up your utensils is a clever idea. This means no more awkward bending or overstretching to reach that skillet.

Ladder shelf
While utilising the space overhead and on the walls, don’t forget to use your floor space too. Ladder shelves are handy for organising jars, containers and towels. You can also keep your potted plants here to add a dash of freshness in your interiors. Incorporating ladder shelves into your Modern Kitchen Design not only optimises your floor space, but also adds a stylish and practical touch to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.


Swinging shelves
Most commonly used over island modular kitchen, these feature shelves suspended within iron or steel bars. These are usually used to store pots, pans and glasses that you may need access to effortlessly and easily. As these can be seen from the living room, you can include a few decorative elements such as vases as well.


Open storage boxes
These are a series of square or rectangular closed shelves that can be built above the backsplash. These largely look like cabinets without doors and are handy for compartmentalising all your kitchen needs. So, you can have your plates, pots, servers, trays and cups and saucers neatly packed into separate spaces for better organisation.

Floating Wooden Kitchen Shelves for Dual Purpose of Kitchen Interior Storage - Beautiful Homes
Floating wooden shelves serve the dual purpose of storage as well as display. Make full use by showcasing your precious china and a few potted plants – be it herbs or succulents.
Ways to Increase Storage in your Modern Kitchen Design - Beautiful Homes
Another way you can increase storage in your kitchen is by using a broad step ladder that works as a set of shelves. You can even get one with wheels that allows you to pull it along when cooking so everything is at arm’s length when and where you need it.
Make the most of your walls sans the cabinets. Place a rod under your floating shelf and hang some hooks from it to suspend pots, pans, ladles, strainers and other utensils you need for daily use.
An overhead rack to hang pots, pans and even glasses suspended over the island kitchen helps eliminate the need of a cabinet to store these separately.

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