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7 ways to fit a useful breakfast nook or eating area into your kitchen

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Sep 22, 2021
Spacious pastel blue modular kitchen having breakfast nook with round table - Beautiful Homes

We all want the most out of our modular kitchens – functionality, storage and pleasing interiors. The layout also has to planned for ease of use and circulation, which is where the kitchen work triangle plays a very important role. Adding a kitchen island can boost the functionality of the space, but there’s another element that could work very well with your modular kitchen interior – a breakfast nook or eating area.

Transform a semi-partition

A great way to add a breakfast nook while still opening up your kitchen is to create a semi-partition. Here, instead of completely getting rid of the entire wall, the top half is opened up to create visual flow. This side of the partition is used as an eating area with the addition of stylish bar chairs. You don’t lose functionality as the modular kitchen design makes use of the semi-partition for counter space and lower storage till the floor on the other side.


Tip: Bright overhead lights can be distracting or uncomfortable. Choose pendant lights that have a diffuser. This will throw or scatter soft light over your eating area. 

Semi-partition breakfast nook in this modular kitchen design with pendant lights - Beautiful Homes
A small coffee or tea station with small table & vibrant chairs for breakfast nook - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, San Diego/ shutterstock

Craft a coffee or tea station

In this image, the alcove has been transformed into a wonderful multi-functional eating area replete with a coffee station. A small table with simple yet vibrant chairs add just the right touch of colour to the neutral palette of the modular kitchen. The entire wall is used as a coffee or tea area and the extra storage is perfect for daily use items or a small pantry. You could even fit a small microwave oven here and free up your kitchen counterspace.


Tip: Remember to add plug points for appliances like an electric kettle or coffee maker. 

Extend the kitchen island

Another great way to add an eating area or breakfast nook to your kitchen is to extend the kitchen island on one side into a table. Take inspiration from this modular kitchen interior where the kitchen island is used as a multi-functional piece. It provides counter space for prep work, under counter storage, a sink area as well as an eating area.


Tip: When designing an eating area as an extension of the kitchen island, remember to factor in enough led room to sit comfortably without your knees knocking the island. 

Create your breakfast nook in your modular kitchen interior near the window wall - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, IJMphotos/ shutterstock

Use the window wall

Breakfast nooks by design aren’t meant to be big family dining areas. Even modern kitchen design can have the addition of a cosy eating area. Take a cue from this image and carve out a space under the window for the breakfast nook. Don’t bring in bulky furniture; keep the table and seating sleek and streamlined. Here the simple table and stools don’t block out the flow of light or the visual.


Tip: Look for designs that allow you to completely tuck the seating away under the table when it is not being used for eating. This gives you extra counter space to use in the kitchen without chairs coming in the way.

Turn an L-shape into a U-shape kitchen

With an open-plan, you are usually looking at an L shape modular kitchen design If you have enough space in the layout, you could craft a fairly sizable eating area by creating a U-shaped modular kitchen that is still open. This extra ‘arm’ would also give you a whole length of extra storage


Tip: For ease, use that storage for crockery and cutlery that you use on a daily basis. You could also store your breakfast pantry here or use it as a coffee or tea station. 

Turn your L shape into U shape modular kitchen & use extra island for breakfast nook - Beautiful Homes
Spacious pastel blue modular kitchen having breakfast nook with round table - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Purple backyard

Create a colourful corner

Here’s a wonderful way to effectively utilize a corner in a fairly large modular kitchen. The design incorporates a colourful fixed booth seating that brightens up the whole kitchen. This breakfast nook is actually big and comfortable enough to function as the primary – or even only – eating area in the home.


Tip: A round table allows for easier circulation than a square or rectangular one would in this setting. 

Match the kitchen décor

If you are looking for a seamless modular kitchen interior, consider aligning the table parallel to the kitchen counter. Use the same colours and materials to have the breakfast nook blend into the décor rather than stand out. Here the table top and kitchen countertops are crafted from the same light wood finish. The chairs, table legs, brick wall, storage shelves, lighting and even the appliances have been kept a creamy shade of white. This makes the area look bright and airy. Soft, flowing sheers add a delicate touch to the kitchen décor.


Tip: Make the room appear bigger by placing the curtain rods as close to the ceiling and using long door curtains that reach the floor (even for short windows).

Modular kitchen interior with breakfast table matching with kitchen decor - Beautiful Homes

If you are thinking of implementing any of these breakfast nook ideas in your kitchen, a well-trusted team of interior design experts should be consulted for a good quality of Interior Design ideas & result. To make this process easy, Asian Paints has created an offering – Beautiful Homes Service – that helps you design the home of your dreams with ease. Simply begin by booking a consultation here.


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