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5 great renovation ideas for small kitchens

  • Home Renovation
Apr 19, 2021
Kitchen renovation colour ideas - Beautiful Homes

Cooking is an artform and kitchens, the space where you get creative with your culinary creations, is and must be treated as your studio. Whether you have a small modular kitchen or a limited ability to change things around, there are several ways of spicing up (pun intended) your kitchen effortlessly.


Take a moment and think about what your personal style is? Does neutrals and gold entice you? Or are you a plant lover that loves everything bohemian? Try to add certain elements that go with your personal style and of course, the renovation hacks which we will elaborate on, below, to revamp your small modular kitchen!


Let us share some simple yet groundbreaking ideas on renovating small kitchens;

The Right Amount Of Light
We all are aware of how mood lighting can completely transform any space. Kitchens included. Whether you have a dark hued modular kitchen or a bright one, picking the right light shade and positioning can make the kitchen design pop and boost your energy levels even on the most tiring days. While you can use spotlights for the shelves and tubes for the counters, balancing the warmth in the space as per your preferences can make all the difference.

Light ideas for small kitchens - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Modern kitchen interior ideas for home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dunelm

A Raw And Unfinished Touch
Is your kitchen sleek and modern with everything that looks brand new? How about you scrape the walls or paint a certain section of it using rustic hues? Renovating doesn’t always mean building. Breaking some elements down to its basic form can be surprisingly charming, adding a layer of rawness to your interiors.


You can also use rustic metal fittings and wooden cabinets to achieve the said look. Industrial modern is a decor theme that is highly underrated, and responsible for rendering unique design spaces.

Use Glass
Be it as a part of the cabinets in your modular kitchen or the door, using glass can instantaneously make the space look wider than it is. Same thing goes for mirrors. Placing them in the right places help create an illusion of a large and airy kitchen. Adding prints and textures through floor tiles can add little pop of colour and drama in the space too.

Glass cabinet ideas for kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Richa Bahl

Kitchen renovation colour ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ImageFlow/ shutterstock.com

Colour Blocking
Using two vibrant and contrasting colours can create a light and shadow effect which makes a space look bigger than it is. The best part about this way of designing is how easily you can make this difference come alive by just picking the right colours. Also, using more cabinets so that the open space is clutter-free is essential as well. It isn’t necessary that you pick two bright colours. You could go for one bright colour like pink or neon green and couple it with matte grey to balance the chicness.

Open Shelves
Just as helpful cabinets are in decluttering a kitchen space, open shelves make it look wider. While the space below your slab can use cabinets, try fixing wooden shelves at the top to give your kitchen a more country-side fresh vibe. This also gives you a chance to showcase all your cute jars and glasses which otherwise spend most of their lives being hidden behind cabinet doors. 

Kitchen open shelves design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Wilko

Imagine having an all grey or all white kitchen but colourful storage crockery, sprinkling colours sitting on these open shelves. A unique design which will certainly inspire you. Find out what else you can fit into your small kitchen.


Did these renovating ideas help you?


If you are thinking of implementing any of these renovation ideas in your kitchen, a well trusted team of Interior Design experts should be consulted for a good quality result. To make this process easy, Asian Paints created an offering that helps custom make your home your way called, Beautiful Homes Service. Keeping the customer's preferences in mind, a team of experts' hand hold you towards the space you imagined and just the way you did. Simply begin by booking yourself a consultation here.


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