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Top 10 essentials for a glamorous dining room

  • Interior Design
By Nidhi Tiwari
4 min read
Jun 02, 2018

Create the ultimate dining experience at home with our handy guide for a glamorous dining room


We admit, we do get distracted by shiny objects. We love them to a fault and when it comes to our homes, we won't shy away from it. So, we decided to give it a spin in our dining room as well. It is the easiest way to add glamour as the shimmering surfaces catch light in all the right places. There are several things you can do to glam up the dining room – lights, furniture, upholstery, crockery, etc. To maintain balance, it is important to not go overboard, so pick and choose the things you want to uplift for the ultimate dining experience right in your home.


1.    Grand chandelier
Lighting is an important thing to keep in mind for this setting. Instead of clustered pendant lights, pick a grand chandelier with plenty of arms. Go for the style that best suits the rest of your interiors. Crystal ones will work best for the setting we’re aiming at.


2.    Table styling
Layering is key when it comes to the table setup. Use different heights for your candelabras, fresh flower vases and various metallic accents and votives. High contrast shades such as a combo of black and gold will create a visual punch.


3.    Dining furniture finish & style
Usually for a glamorous setting, furniture with a dark wood finish works well. Go for a glossier rather than a matte polish.


4.    Wing chairs
Nothing says grand more than wing back chairs. You can choose to have all wing chairs or just have two head chairs in this style. If you’re going with the latter, ensure the other chairs have a shiny, metallic finish.


5.    Upholstery fabrics
Walk the baroque route if you want your setting to be uber glamorous. Remember ornate patterns work well with a glamorous look. If you’ve used an all wing back chair setup, upholster the head chairs in with elaborate patterns while the rest can be covered with solid coloured velvet or velvet-finish fabric.


6.    Wallpaper
The best way to make your style clear is to use a wallpaper. It covers the maximum area and can make a bold statement about your look. Tonal colours in classic damask work well here. If you’re going for a more modern vibe, pick ones with a metallic undertone.


7.    Crockery
Look at options with metallic rims and sophisticated patterns. However, don’t go overboard as it can end up looking gaudy. Focus more on the richness of the material – think delicate porcelain or fine bone china with a minimal yet impactful design. 


8.    High console
Invest in a high console / sideboard. Apart from storage, you can also use the top to display artworks and artefacts in such a way that it weaves a story to create a focal point.


9.    Wall décor
To increase the sense of scale and bring in more bling, use gilded mirrors on the wall. Don’t be shy to use large ones that steal attention.


10.    Carpet
Use this as a balancing element for your décor. If the rest of your elements are a tad bit sober, go all out for a luxurious carpet with a metallic sheen. If the opposite is true, use the carpet to tone down the look.

If you’re looking for a blingy affair, gold rimmed glasses and gold-plated cutlery is what you should look at for your dining table.
To give your dining room a glamorous update, include metallic and glossy finishes as they reflect light well. Use a rug to create a balancing effect.
Furniture with dark wood finishes work well to create a glamorous setting. For a grand look, look at plush upholstery in materials such as suede, damask and even velvet.

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