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Mix and match dining room seating plan

  • Interior Design
Nov 22, 2017

Break a few décor rules as you give these eclectic mix and match seating ideas a go in your house


When it comes to décor, a one shoe fits all approach would be wrong to take. Everyone has different requirements and would love their house to reflect some aspect of their personality. So, while matching dining sets might look beautiful in one setting, it might look out of place in another one. Here’s where a mix and match seating plan comes handy. It also allows one to recycle or even upcycle old furniture and put it to effective use. Here are a few ways you can incorporate the mix and match seating arrangement in your house.


Include a bench
If you’d love to merge the outdoors with your dining room design interiors, place a bench on one side of the dining table.  When you’re using one without a backrest, try placing it against a wall as this will allow you to prop cushions on it. A bench with a backrest enables central placement. Plump it up with throws for a comfortable and cosy arrangement.


Different designs
The best aspect of mix and match seating is that it allows you to combine pieces from different styles. You can place a mid-century modern next to a colonial style or even a wingback chair. If you would like some cohesion, we suggest following a central colour theme.


Use your sofa
For a little over the top arrangement, use a sofa as a replacement for chairs on one side. We often see this in restaurants where the table is placed against a built-in couch. So, take cues from your favourite cafe for this one.


Upholstered chairs
Make a statement with prints and patterns at your dining table too. Pairing upholstered chairs with barebacked ones also creates a mix and match setting. For maximum impact in this case, place the chairs at opposite ends of the table.


Window ledges
Beautiful tall windows with a view and a ledge also make a candidate for mix and match seating. The idea is to place the dining table in such a way that the window ledge can be used for sitting. What better than a morning breakfast with a breathtaking view?


Plenty of colours
Another interesting way to mix things is by using the same design but in different colours. So, there is some cohesion while at the same time, the different colours can make the room pop.


Stools and pouffes
Bulky or even too many chairs can eat into your free space. If you have a small apartment and want to try this trend, then perhaps you can place slightly higher stools and pouffes instead of chairs.


Bold accents
If you’re looking to tie in the different seats in some way, top them with accessories in a single colour. For instance, you can make the chairs really stand out by placing bright yellow cushions on them or even cushions with a single pattern will do trick. In the realm of home interior design, incorporating a cohesive color scheme through accessories can be a brilliant way to unify the diverse seating options.

It isn’t necessary to just use different chairs, you can throw in some stools, pouffes and bar chairs as well, especially if you have a high dining table. Take a cue from Bindu Joseph’s house for your own home.
We love how all kinds of different chairs find a spot around the dining table at Nikhil D’Souza’s home. To maintain some continuity, you can also adopt a single colour scheme.
Using different coloured chairs adds vibrancy in the interiors while making a powerful décor statement. Don’t limit yourself to just complementing colours, you can also try clashing shades such as electric blue and bright orange.
Regular benches can replace chairs as a seating option at the dining table. Pile on some throws to make it comfortable.

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