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Dining room wallpaper design & décor ideas

Luxury dining room wallpaper with abstract designs - Beautiful Homes

Wallpaper is a gorgeous way to elevate the look of your dining room and provide a stylish backdrop for an evening of entertainment. Here are stylish ways to wallpaper your dining room for maximum effect

A sumptuous meal in a beautiful setting, surrounded by your friends and family is a grand way to spend an afternoon or evening. Whether it is new table decor that creates a dreamy ambiance or a new wallpaper that provides a stylish background, there are a multitude of creative wallpaper design ideas on how to elevate the look of your dining room.


Trendy Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper is a gorgeous and sophisticated way to enhance the look of your dining room. Here are some lovely ideas on how to dress up your dining room walls to provide a stunning visual.


1. Vintage mural Wallpapers for Dining Room Background

Vintage mural luxury dining room wallpaper looks unusual and provides a striking background for family meals and entertaining in a traditional home. Attractive, non-repeating patterned murals can create an intriguing atmosphere. Invest in complementary pieces of furniture that is cosy and comfortable, but also looks dressy. A couple of antique lamps and heavy window dressing will adds drama to the space.

2. Trendy Floral Wallpaper Designs for Dining Room

If you envision floral wallpapers as just pretty, think again. These days botanical prints are trending and they come in startling colours and patterns. Pick simple floral patterns in pastel colours as wallpaper designs for dining room to make a small space look larger and brighter. Or you can go big and bold and pick large floral patterns in rich deep colours that will provide a glamorous backdrop for formal dinners.

Nature inspired dining room wallpaper design ideas - Beautiful Homes
Dining room wallpaper design with geometric patterns - Beautiful Homes

3. Gorgeous Geometric Wallpaper for Dining Area

Modern, sharp-angled geometric prints can give a drab dining room a much-needed dazzle. Monochrome dining area wallpaper in big, bold patterns in shades of yellow can add texture, focus and character to dining rooms with little architectural interest.  Paired with sheer curtains and table linen with pale pink and grey accents can make this a charming contemporary dining space to chill with friends and family.

4. Classic Grasscloth Dining Room Wallpaper Design

Dressing your walls in grasscloth wallpaper is like pulling on a slinky silk gown over the walls. Sophisticated and subtle, grasscloth dining room wallpaper design is understated enough to allow the architecture to take center stage, but assertive enough to make a statement. A pale sky blue grasscloth backdrop with floral upholstery for the chairs is the perfect balance between spirited and mature.

Dining wallpaper décor with grasscloth wallpaper for dining area - Beautiful Homes
3D funky wallpaper designs for dining room - Beautiful Homes

5. Funky 3D Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas

The important factor when choosing a 3d wallpaper for dining room is to pick one that blends with the style of your home. Exposed brick or wooden beams are lovely for traditional homes as they provide a very rustic backdrop. More snazzy 3D wallpapers can be exactly the kind of funky design that a modern dining room needs.

6. Glamorous Metallic Modern Dining Wallpaper

If you are looking to add a whole lot of glamour to your dining room, look no further than metallic wallpapers. Shimmering metallic wallpaper is made to stand out and creates pop and flair to any space. If you are a trendsetter who likes bold home décor, large patterns and colourful interior spaces, this is right up your street.

Metallic modern dining room wallpaper design ideas - Beautiful Homes

How to Pick the Best Dining Room Wallpaper?

Wallpapers come in many styles, colours and textures. To pick the right wallpaper for dining area, you need to consider the following factors.


1. Colour of Dining Wallpaper

The colour that you pick will depend on the style and size of your dining space. Lighter pastel colours make spaces feel bigger while darker, bolder colours create cosy spaces. But, do not be afraid to be bold. Darker colours for small spaces can adds depth and provide an unusual and stunning vibe in a small space.


2. Dining Room Wallpaper – Accent or Full Coverage

When choosing wallpaper, an important factor to consider is whether you want to cover all your walls in wallpaper or if a dining room wallpaper accent wall would look better in your dining room design. For accent walls, murals or bold prints can make a stunning statement. If you are covering all the walls in wallpaper, smaller patterns, in pale colours in linen or grasscloth will add elegance and sophistication to your space.


3. Lighting can Affect Choice of Wallpaper for Dining Room

Lighting can influence the wallpaper design that you choose. If your dining room has very little natural light, you could go in for lighter colours that will reflect light better making for an airier and brighter space. Another lovely choice is picking metallic wallpapers which will pick up any light that enters the room to dazzling effect.


4. Consider Style of Home When Choosing Dining Hall Wallpaper

Whatever the style of your home, there are gorgeous wallpapers available to suit it. Botanical prints and murals look amazing in traditional homes, geometric and abstract patterned wallpapers can make a contemporary home perk up, subtle shades of grasscloth wallpaper adds elegance to minimalist homes and bold, vibrant wallpaper adds drama to modern homes.


5. Patterns are Important When Choosing Dining Hall Wallpaper

Small dining spaces can look bigger with pinstripe patterns on the walls. This adds a charming, vintage feel when paired with pastel table linen, curtains and rug. Bolder prints can make a grand statement in drab dining rooms and can create a glam space that is great for entertaining. 



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Dining Room Wallpapers?

At Beautiful Homes, we customize your interior design to reflect your personality and individual design style. Whether it is a whole house renovation or dining room wallpaper ideas, our online store has a curated collection of furnishing, furniture, wallpaper and home décor that will be perfect for your home. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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