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Beautiful marble dining table design ideas to whet your appetite

Six seater dining table for glamorous dining room - Beautiful Homes
By Nadezna Siganporia

Sep 29, 2022

From classic to contemporary and minimal to dramatic, the beauty of a marble dining table fits into any style

Think about how most of us use our dining tables. We eat on them, gather with friends and family around them and even work on them. If you think about your daily life at home, the dining room actually gets used a lot. Even in those smaller homes or apartments with a combined living and dining room, the dining table gets a lot of activity and use. When designing your dining room, the dining table set will obviously play a key role.


There is no denying that marble adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to home décor whether you use it on floors, walls, decorative objects, counters or furniture. So, a marble top dining table could be just the perfect furniture to augment your home interior design. Since there are so many different types, colours, patterns, shapes and material combinations to choose from, it can get confusing when deciding on the right one for your home. In this article, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of a marble dining table set along with some of our favourite marble dining table design ideas.


As a material for home décor, marble is elegant and timeless. This metamorphic rock that has been transformed due to high heat and pressure. You can choose from a plethora of colours and unique vein patterns. It comes in a variety of finishes like polished, honed, sand-blasted and brushed which range from a glossy surface to a more matte texture. With proper care, a marble dining table is durable and can last a really long time.


There are also some disadvantages associated with a marble top dining table to keep in mind. To start with, they will be more expensive so consider your budget. 

White marble dining table with golden legs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

They are higher on maintenance so keep your usage in mind. Marble is susceptible to discolouration, stains, acid spills (like lemon or coffee) and scratches so proper and immediate care is required.



A marble dining table design can seamlessly fit into any décor style from traditional and classic to minimal or contemporary to maximal or eclectic. Even the simplest design will elevate your dining room. Here are a few of our favourites.

Round marble dining table with chandelier - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

The Classic White Marble Dining Table Design for a Timeless Appeal

White marble is a classic and for good reason! Whether you’re going in for an Italian marble dining table design or Indian marble for your table top, you can go wrong with white marble with the natural veins. A white marble table top will complement simple wood legs or a heavy, metal base. It will pair with light or dark wood and even any colour you choose for the base. If you like the look but want to elevate the design, add detailing like the running groove around the edge, as seen in this image.


The Minimal and Modern Marble Dining Table for Compact Spaces

This white-on-white, minimal marble dining table is the perfect addition to this cosy space. Paired with cane, wood and greenery, the open layout dining and kitchen exudes warmth with a touch of luxury.

Four seater marble dining table with cane chairs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Six seater dining table for glamorous dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM Architecture

An Oval Marble Top Dining Table with Metallic Highlights for a Formal Dining Room

This is an ideal marble dining table design for a formal space that screams contemporary luxury. The oval-shaped, marble dining table 6 seater fits perfectly into the space and is further elevated by the metallic details on the table base and chair legs. The plush chairs in a soothing neutral shade matches the décor without overwhelming.

Black Marble Dining Table for a Dramatic Flair

If you are looking to add drama to your dining area, consider a black marble dining table with prominent veining. To complete the marble dining table set, add chairs in a vibrant colour. To bring the look together, choose a bold shade from the marble veining to create an accent.

Black & gold calacatta marble table top design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Modern grey marble top dining table - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Max Vakhtbovych/ Pexels

Grey Marble Top Dining Table for Sophisticated Charm

If white is too routine and black is too much, then grey marble table might just be the perfect rectangle modern marble dining table for you. The unique and dominating patterns make the marble top dining table the focal point. With a heavily-patterned marble top, balance it out with a neutral or muted shade for the chairs.

Add Some Curves with a Round Marble Dining Table

There are a few reasons to go in for a round marble dining table of which the most important one is space constraints. Any shape will work in a larger dining area, while squares and round tables work better in smaller rooms. If you need a compact marble dining table 4 seater, a circular one is perfect for small spaces without compromising on the luxe aspect of the material. However, round dining tables aren’t restricted to cosy rooms. Even in a large dining room a round marble dining table can look elegant and lend softness and curved geometry to the space.

Marble dining table design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Covet House

Square marble dining table for dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Elevate your Marble Dining Table Design with a Wood Base

Marble and wood is such an ageless combination and a great way to create a unique, custom dining table design. Custom design your wood base in a solid hardwood like teak or sheesham and pair it with a sleek marble top. We love how the marble dining table has been combined with contemporary chairs on one end and comfy, built-in seating on the other.

Create a Bold Statement with a Thick Marble Dining Table

While marble and wood or marble and metal are fantastic material combinations for the dining table, a solid marble dining table and frame is all about the over-the-top opulence. While a thin slab is durable, notice how the thick marble top adds to the bold statement.

Modern rectangular thick marble dining table - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Marble dining table top design with hanging lights - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock


With our marble dining table design ideas as a starting point, you might have a better sense of how you want your dining room to look and feel. When designing a dining room, along with the right furniture, you also need to consider size, layout, lighting, colours and optimal storage. If you are unsure about how to create the perfect dining space, reach out to the Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints.


The panel of design experts work out every detail and are with you every step of the way to make the process of home interior design easy, enjoyable and hassle-free. You will get the benefit of a panel of designers, seasoned contractors as well as a dedicated project manager to work out each step of the way. You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online shop or retails stores in various cities for an exceptional range of furniture, lighting, home décor, accessories and wallpapers.

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