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Seven ways to use stripes in your bedroom wall design

  • Interior Design
Oct 19, 2021
Bedroom with colourful striped wall paint design & simple furniture for bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Stripes are the like the neutrals of the pattern world. When it comes to wall decoration ideas for the bedroom, they can make as little or as much impact as you like. Whether you choose to paint the lines or opt for wallpaper, stripes are the least fussy and most cost-effective way to switch up bedroom wall design.


Follow along for a quick guide in using stripes to decorate, accentuate and elevate the most intimate space of your home.

Show Your Stripes – Striped Wall Paint Design

A two-tone stripe in low-contrast shades is as classic as it gets and pairs well with elegant wooden furniture and crisp white linen.


Style Tip: A more modern approach to the striped bedroom wall design starts with a pure white stripe. Pair it with a bright, primary colour like red or yellow and you get a quirky, statement wall. Alternate with blues for some nautical flair. Or choose a pastel shade to create a soothing retreat.

Bedroom striped wall paint design with two contrast shades & elegant wooden furniture - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, DavidPinoPhotography/ shutterstock.com

Monochrome striped wall paint design for bedroom wall with matching bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Mind Manifestation Design

French Connection  – Striped Wall Paint Design

For striped wall paint design that truly standout, make them monochrome. Wall decoration ideas in black-and-white are an open invitation to bringing in a bit of Parisian chic to the bedroom design. Pair with white and grey bed linen to soften the extreme contrast of light and dark on the walls. Black or white in other geometric forms pair well too, as seen here on the minimalistic wooden headboard.


Style Tip: Not for the faint of heart but bedroom décor accents in highlighter colours bright pink and orange pair extremely well monochrome striped wall paint design. Think of it as pop art in action.

The Long And Short Of It – Striped Wall Paint Design

Named after the German mathematician, the Hemlholtz illusion is something we’re all too familiar with – vertical stripes can be employed to make ceilings seem higher whereas horizontal stripes can make walls seem a bit wider. Use lines strategically in your bedroom wall design to draw the eyes in whichever direction they run.


Uniform stripes in alternating colours are the most commonly used in bedroom wall design and rightly so because lines in two or more different sizes or widths create a pattern that can look too busy. 

Coffee coloured vertical pinstriped wallpaper for bedroom wall design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Krasimira Dicheva/ shutterstock.com

Here, a pinstriped wallpaper in coffee colours is best paired with a cream-coloured headboard with even horizontal lines.


Style Tip: While browsing through bedroom wall decoration ideas, you will notice that vertical stripes are more striking when they are thinner whereas horizontal stripes make the most impact when they are thicker.

Mix And Match Materials – Striped Wall Paint Design

Paint isn’t the only way to create linear patterns, consider using multiple materials to create a truly one-of-a-kind bedroom wall design. If you have a large wall to decorate, consider alternating wooden and fabric panels with full-length mirrors. This more-is-more approach is best paired with large accent furniture, dazzling lights, tall headboards, statement rugs and plush bedding.


Hack: If you don’t have as much room to spare and regular stripes seem too fuddy-duddy, consider striped wallpaper in a metallic finish. Pair with gold or silver side tables, satin bedsheets and other metal bedroom décor for full-on glitzy affair.

Bedroom wall design with striped mirrors & cream colour striped wall décor - Beautiful Homes
Image courtesy, Azure Interiors
Bedroom wall design with striped full length mirrors & hanging lights - Beautiful Homes
Image courtesy, Azure Interiors

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