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How to choose a headboard

  • Interior Design
Nov 08, 2016
How to choose a headboard design- Beautiful Homes

Interior designer Chaitali Parikh tells us how to use a headboard to dress up a bedroom

Here’s a question- do you know why headboards are an important part of your bedroom set-up? No? We tell you why you need to consider one for your home today. Headboards are not just a great way of offering support to your back for the large amount of time you spend reading and working on your bed, but it also offers a great way to personalise and update your bedroom. There are a few things to keep in mind, once you’ve decided to add one to your bedroom design. Interior designer Chaitali Parikh of Inscape Designers gives us a low down.


1. Hard vs soft

It’s important to keep a few things in mind before you start out. Says Chaitali Parikh, owner and principal interior designer of Inscape Designers, “The first decision to be made is your preference for hard or soft headboards.” Soft headboards have an added benefit of comfort while hard headboards tend to be easier to maintain.


2. Make vs buy

“Readily available headboards generally are attached with the bed and are difficult to source separately,” says Chaitali. It is definitely easier if you are looking into buying a bed as well but in the end there are limited options. Taking the effort to make one will definitely allow for more choices. “We have previously designed patchwork quilted headboards, oversized mirror in a carved wooden frame and hand-painted headboards,” she adds.


3. Length and height

If you have an empty wall behind your bed, then you can use the entire space for a tall headboard. You can also refurbish pieces like an antique screen and use it as a headboard. “Normally the length of a headboard matches the width of your bed so that there is continuity, but it can also include the side tables,” she adds.


4. Shape

A simple, rectangular piece works well with a modern, streamlined approach but don’t shy away from ornate silhouettes especially if your room has a vintage feel to it. Take inspiration from Venetian headboard styles and add a modern touch with a soft fabric.


5. Materials

Soft headboards can be made out of anything from velvets to leather. “You can use different compositeleathers which are easier to maintain than pure fabric ones.” Hard headboards are not limited to wood. Chaitali suggests corian, veneer and acrylic as options to look into. “Metal is a cold material and not very friendly for such a furniture piece. However if used in small quantities like recycling balcony cast iron grills then that should be fine,” she adds.


6. Colours and textures

You can opt for bold colours while keeping the rest of the room in muted shades. A lighter colour will show dirt faster so keep that in mind while choosing a fabric. Alternatively, you could fashion a removable headboard cover that can be washed if you are going in for light fabrics. While choosing textures, keep in mind the comfort level – “Avoid rough textures if you are using a harder material unless you stack up a lot of pillows against it for comfort.”


7. Storage

Remember that a headboard can also add a little storage​. ​“By increasing the thickness of your headboard, you can add storage so that it is accessible from the sides or from the top,” suggests Chaitali.

A cane headboard bedroom design - Beautiful Homes
A cane headboard offers a good alternative.
Fabric for headboard bedroom design - Beautiful Homes
Choose a soft texture when picking fabric for a headboard for a more comfortable setting.
An upholstered bedroom headboard design - Beautiful Homes
An upholstered headboard is comfortable for those who spend long hours reading in bed.

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