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A bedroom that balances work and rest

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Mar 29, 2022
a work from home bedroom

Production designer Shruti Gupte styled a room that is the perfect balance between a work space and a place to sleep. Featuring furniture, upholstery and lights from the House of Asian Paints

Even with offices opening up for most of the country, people are still choosing to work from home. This Covid-era work culture has evolved from being a necessity to a choice for many. But the challenge of balancing the privacy of a bedroom with the openness of a work-from-home space still remains. So, production designer Shruti Gupte styled a room the best of both worlds. She chose a colour palette that works for both, a calm relaxing space and a space to focus. The colour green is known to help aid concentration and has a refreshing vibe to it. While the main wall has this colour, the rest of the room either steals from it or has a subtle contrast.


The Furniture

The furniture in a bedroom design defines the spaces. The bed along with the side tables and the bench around it, is the area that is meant for rest. While the desk and chair is the area for work. The clear demarcation of the space is done with these pieces and yet is tied together with the common wall. All the furniture pieces from The House of Asian Paints are chosen in such a way that they are just the right amount of cosy. If the furniture pieces would be extra comfortable they would invite distractions. 

A work from home bedroom

Shruti Gupte styled a room that has the perfect balance between work and rest.

The Fabrics

The upholstery on the bed is a bluish shade of green and has a dark tone to it. The solid colour creates a bold yet non-distracting base. The prints and patterns on the cushions and the seat on the bench have subtle prints that add interest to the space. There isn't a high contrast between any of these elements. This way they don’t cause any interruptions during work hours. While the soft textures of the bed linen let you relax completely when you decide to call it a day. All of the upholstery is from the Sabyasachi Mukherjee for Nilaya range.



There are two sources of light in this space. One is for the bed area, this is meant to provide a soft light that is dim in nature. It is placed to add to the mood of the space. The look of the lamp too adds visual interest to the setting. While the other source of light is right above the work space. This is meant to be a task light and has a clear glass design. No prints and patterns are on this lamp, making it ideal for the work hours. All the lights have been chosen from the House of Asian Paints.



All the accessories Shruti has chosen here are to demarcate the spaces in a very subtle way. There are two sets of artwork in the room. One set is over the desk. It is colourful and motivational. It is the kind of art that makes you happy and a bit excited. The second set of artwork is above the bed. It is in a monochrome tone and thus gives you a calm feeling. The rug is another element that adds a layer of softness around the bed, making it a space of comfort.

a contemporary bedroom

The colours and furnishings on the bed allow the resident to relax completely.

a work desk

The work area has been designed in such a way that it lets the person focus effortlessly.


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