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Bathroom vanity designs for your home

  • Wash Basin
By Swastica Swapn
8 min read
Aug 08, 2022
All white bathroom interior design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

The wash basin vanity has multiple features that make it more than just a place to keep your bathroom items so let’s look at some of the trendiest styles for it..


Bathroom Interior Design

People might think having a wash basin vanity would take up space and make their bathrooms look cluttered. It is not true at all! Having one allows you to save time because you would not have to move around looking for things when you need them quickly.


You can create a more functional space in your home that allows you to get ready while maintaining your privacy. The wash basin vanity has multiple features that make it more than just a place to keep your bathroom items without worrying about searching through vanity drawers or table top wash basins with cabinets. It even helps with storage, a factor that is of utmost value while creating the perfect bathroom design.


How can the wash basin vanity design help with storage?

Wash basin vanity design is an essential piece of furniture one can use for storing the essentials. It is usually available in the bathroom or other areas where you wash your hands. The vanity usually comes in two types: one with a countertop and the other without it.


  • A wash basin with a wash basin design with a cabinet and countertop is a blend of a sink and table. It is more common because it is easier to install and maintain vanity designs for small bathroom. It is easier for anyone to clean the vanity wash basin and store belongings such as shampoos, soap, toothbrushes, etc.
  • If you want a modern look for your bathroom vanity design, consider getting one without a countertop. These do not have shelves or drawers. It is a simple design that lets you put your toiletries on top. The bathroom vanity designs are available in square and rectangular shapes with flat surfaces with rounded edges around them so that they look sleek and elegant in any bathroom design.


The bathroom vanity designs are available in many sizes, shapes, and colours. It can be made of wood or metal, plain or ornate, simple or fancy depending on your taste.

Benefits of having a wash basin vanity design in your bathroom:

  1. It can help you save space in your bathroom. Wash basin Vanity designs has many compartments for storing things such as toothbrush jars and toothpaste tubes.
  2. It also helps you save money because you do not have to buy separate bathroom vanity design with cabinets for storing various items.
  3.  This bathroom vanity design is effortless, making it easy for you to clean it whenever needed.
  4. It makes it easier for guests to use your facilities without feeling like they're inconveniencing you or making themselves at home in your private space.
  5. The wash basin vanity goes well with any kind of design theme that you have planned for your home. It looks nice and adds style to any bathroom décor because it has been designed with attractive features such as intricate carvings or colourful enamel finishes on metal surfaces.


Types of Wash basin vanity

A vanity is a place where you can save time and get ready for the day. If you are looking for a vanity that will suit your bathroom décor, you should check out the wash basin vanity designs discussed below.

1. Single Sink Vanity - Floor Standing Bathroom Vanity Units

It is the simplest type of wash basin vanity design. The single sink vanity can be placed on one side of the wall or both sides. It typically comes with a single faucet and a small modern wash basin with a cabinet for storing your toiletries or other bathroom essentials. If you're looking for something simple yet elegant, this design might be perfect for your needs. The single sink vanity is also used in large bathrooms to save space.


If you want something more on the contemporary side, there are many different designs available for your single sink vanity as well. The floor-standing bathroom vanity design units have flat fronts while others have rounded corners and edges for an elegant look that will match any decorating style.

Single sink vanity design ideas for your bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Bence Balla Schottner/ unsplash

Double sink bathroom vanity units for your  bathroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Taylor Beach/ unsplash

2. Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Units

Do you have a large bathroom? We recommend choosing the double sink vanity. It is ideal for couples or kids as it can provide extra space for storage or an additional seating area near the sink. You can place a mirror in bathroom over the double sink vanity and use it as a dressing table to use up the extra space.

3. Tall Wash Basin Designs With Cabinet Bathroom Vanity

The tall cabinet wash basin is a classic and beautiful bathroom vanity design. It is sure to enhance the look of your bathroom. The tall wash basin with cabinet is built with durable and quality material making the wash basin vanity last you for years. It comes with an elegant design that will make your bathroom look classy.


This tall cabinet wash basin vanity has two doors with ample inner storage space. This feature ensures that all your accessories are easily accessible whenever needed. The interior of the tall wash basin with cabinet vanity has drawers and bathroom vanity cabinets for keeping all your items organized. This tall cabinet wash basin vanity design also comes with a mirror so you can admire yourself while doing your morning beauty rituals before heading out for work or school.


If you want to save more space but still want an elegant look for your bathroom, then this is what you need. These cabinets are tall enough for storing several items at once without taking up too much space on the floor or wall behind them, which is always good news for homeowners who want to save as much space as possible when renovating their bathrooms!

Tall wash basin designs with cabinet bathroom vanity - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sanibell BV/ unsplash

Corner washbasin bathroom vanity design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Grace Kelly/ unsplash

4. Corner Washbasin Bathroom Vanity Design

The Corner vanity is one of the most popular modern washbasin designs you can use for your bathroom. Corner vanity takes up less space in comparison to other washbasin designs. Hence small modern wash basin with a cabinet is usually best for small bathroom spaces. It is also easy to install and maintain.

It is made from quality materials that will be durable, making it last for years without wearing out. They are also very affordable, so you do not have to spend plenty of money on them. If you want something unique, you should consider getting a custom-made corner vanity washbasin design that fits your needs perfectly.

5. Wall-Mounted Wash Basin Vanity Design

The wall-mounted wash basin vanity is a beautiful and functional addition to any bathroom. It provides a place to store your toiletries, towels, and other items with abundant space to get ready in the morning. Wall-Mounted Wash Basin Vanity Design has the most common usage in the master bathroom but is practical for any room.

The wall-mounted wash basin floating vanity has been around for many years and has become more popular. People have become more conscious about saving space in their homes. This vanity has all the benefits of having a traditional standing or pedestal sink without taking up floor space or requiring plumbing work.

Wall-mounted washbasin vanities come in many different styles and sizes to suit any taste or budget. Wood or metal is the primary material to build the cabinets. It also comes with storage cabinets built into them. 

Wall-mounted wash basin vanity design for your bathroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sven Brandsma/ unsplash

Sleek & modern wash basin designs with cabinet for your bathroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Chastity Cortijo/ unsplash

6. Sleek And Modern Wash Basin Designs With Cabinet

A modern wash basin vanity is sleek and minimal. The vanity is made of solid wood and has a simple design with a single drawer that opens up to reveal the sink. The similar shape and size of the wash basin mirror and cabinet create a balanced look that helps to make the bathroom look bigger. You can add a touch of glamour with colour to the bathroom space.


The minimalist design of this vanity makes it easy to incorporate into any décor. It works well in traditional or modern homes, especially when paired with other pieces from the same collection.

If you’re looking to redesign your bathroom, our experts at Beautiful Homes Services may be able to guide you as well as execute the entire renovation process.


Which wash basin design did you like the most?


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