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Vintage bathroom ideas with modern upgrades

Wooden theme Modern Bathroom – Beautiful Homes
By Geetika Sachdev

Aug 08, 2023

Here's how you can render the charm of vintage design in your bathroom

Vintage is the new modern in interior design. While we may have seen living spaces incorporate that vibe, not many homeowners are certain about experimenting with their bathrooms. Here’s the deal – introducing vintage décor ideas that are imbued with old-world charm is the easiest way to add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. However, it’s important to retain the functionality of the space.


You could take inspiration from Victorian-era design, Art Deco styles or simply lean on décor elements like vintage faucets, tiles or wallpapers to design your vintage bathroom. Of course, it doesn’t end there–we have several other modern vintage bathroom ideas that will help unleash your creative genius.


Read on to know more about the details.


Vintage Bathroom Ideas with Modern Upgrades

1. Add a Touch of Whimsy with Vintage Bathroom Tiles

If you are looking to go timeless, there are a ton of vintage bathroom tile options that you could choose from. We think a touch of green is sure to add the much-needed charm to your bathroom, taking you back to the era bygone.


But it’s important to zero in on the right shade of green for your wall tiles– we suggest going for sage, turquoise or even mint green to lend an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom design.


You could also try out a chic black-and-white checkerboard floor that strikes a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. In this case, make sure the walls are white!

Luxury Chandelier Bathroom Design Ideas – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Space Race Architects

2. Enhance The Character With Vintage Bathroom Wallpapers

Who said your bathroom can’t be as stylish as your other rooms? Simply go for a pretty bathroom wallpaper that is in line with your design sensibilities. You could opt for vintage floral designs or even traditional and geometric styles – it’s all about what ticks the right notes for your vintage bathroom. Remember dainty designs are ideal for smaller bathrooms and offer an illusion of space; large prints do the exact opposite. If you are in the mood for some experimentation, you could also use the same wallpaper on your ceiling to add some texture to your bathroom.

White Boho Chic Bathroom Design Ideas – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Fine Line Designers

Classy Bathroom Mirror Design Ideas – Beautiful homes

Designed by Sparc Designs; Photography by Kuber Shah

3. Go Easy on Clutter with Vintage Bathroom Storage Ideas

No vintage bathroom is complete without adding storage options that are not just visually pleasing but are equally functional! Look out for built-in footed wooden cabinets, charming iron towel racks, wall-mounted toilet cabinets, pedestal shelving and more. You could also upcycle antique furniture and mount it with modern elements to create a sophisticated vanity unit.

Wooden theme Modern Bathroom – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Earthitects

4. Amp up the Style Quotient with Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

After you are done with picking the right tiles and wallpaper for your vintage bathroom décor, it’s time to level up with vintage bathroom fixtures. What are your options? Let’s just say you are spoilt for choice. From porcelain wash basins to bath or shower faucets, antique plumbing to vanity mirrors – there’s a world out there waiting for you! Don’t forget to invest in a classic clawfoot bathtub that exudes opulence and luxury in every inch.


Here’s a pro tip: using vintage fixtures made from materials like brass or porcelain adds to the timeless appeal!

5. Incorporate Vintage Bathroom Lights to Brighten up Your Bathroom

If you are on the lookout for the best modern vintage bathroom ideas, we suggest adding the right vintage lights to your space. Most of these fixtures are large in size, so make sure you don’t go for them if you have a small bathroom. You could pick from chandeliers, pendants, sconces or pull chain ceiling fixtures in chrome or brass. This vintage bathroom style is sure to make your space look straight out of a scene from an old classic! Enjoy the attention from visitors, we say.

White Big Luxury Bathtub – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Agnom Designs

6. Introduce a Vintage Colour Scheme to Add a Splash of Creativity

Colour is an important element of vintage bathroom décor that can either make or break your space. Choose a primary colour as the foundation for your bathroom – it could be anything, even an image that adorns your walls. Once you have zeroed in on the colour, you could use complementary shades that enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. Oh and you don’t have to necessarily choose between the bland greys and whites (since the memo is vintage). Instead, try shades like cobalt blue or orange in muted tones. They will instantly brighten up your bathroom and make it look classy.

Modern Round Bathroom Mirror – Beautiful Homes

Designed by Gowri Adappa; Photography by Yash Jain

White Aesthetic Bathroom Cabinet – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Neha Kachhara Interiors

7. Elevate the Glamour with Vintage Bathroom Wall Art

While using vintage tiles is something we’ve already discussed, how about going all out and experimenting with vintage bathroom wall art? The world is your oyster – pick anything from seaside themes to heritage concepts. At the same time, intersperse your bathroom with some plants and throw in a few vintage posters for a sophisticated look. Voila, here’s the secret to a great antique bathroom design.



FAQs for Vintage Bathroom Ideas:


1. How can I make my bathroom look vintage?

Creating a vintage bathroom is simple. Choose wallpapers and tiles that exude a timeless appeal, pick the right lighting and add some striking wall art that transports you to the era bygone.


2. How do you modernise a vintage bathroom?

A vintage bathroom with a contemporary touch is what homeowners are looking to create today. Introduce modern décor elements like wallpapers and tiles that are striking and yet retain a timeless charm. You could follow the same approach while choosing lighting and wall art. The idea is to maintain a balance between tradition and modernity.


How can Beautiful Homes Help You Design Your Ideal Vintage Bathroom?

Are you looking to create a vintage bathroom for your home? Your search ends right here with Beautiful Homes Services by Asian Paints. We offer customers personalised home interior design and hassle-free execution, all in one. We can help you design, visualise, and create your dream spaces. For a home consultation, visit our interior design service page or visit our retail stores in various cities for guidance.

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