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Bathroom mirror designs to fit any décor style

  • Bathroom Design
By Swastica Swapn
6 min read
Aug 18, 2020


When it comes to designing a small space such as a bathroom, the key to excellence is in the details. Every element, huge or tiny, should be picked in line with the décor theme you’re pursuing and, at the same time, serve as a one-of-a-kind accessory. The bathroom mirror design is more than another necessary element in your home, it’s a precious addition to the interior design


For such a big-small detail we had to curate a list of stunning bathroom mirror ideas for you to take cues from: to any décor style its own mirror! 

Hanging Bathroom Mirror Ideas

If abstract art is your go-to theme and a vintage museum makes you feel at home, this bathroom mirror design is perfect for you. While the wall is nothing short of art one could admire for hours, the hanging golden circular mirrors act like frames with different perspectives in different sizes. The house plant is a vibrant addition to this bathroom design.

Image courtesy, ADND

Image courtesy, The Arch Studio

Bathroom Mirror Design Matching With The Tiles

As unique as a hexagonal bathroom mirror design is, the beauty of this one in the picture is how it matches the shape of the tiles in this washroom. Less is more and beauty is found in the simplest details: as seen in this bathroom design. Other elements adding to the décor are mostly the white and green shades scattered in the mosaic and in the hanging art, along with the refreshingly white and bright ceiling. Truly a bathroom to take cues from!

Two Bathroom Mirror Designs For The Same Space

If a multipurpose bathroom is what you need, experimenting with different bathroom mirror ideas is a great solution to keep it interesting. While the sink area in this bathroom has a huge circular mirror, the dressing table looks quite ethnic with a golden table mirror. The floral seat and golden pendant lamp enhance the Rajasthani design approach, along with turquoise walls that make every detail pop.

Image courtesy, Purple Backyard

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

A Headboard Bathroom Mirror Design

Let’s start with the most uncommon bathroom mirror shape: wide and unique, a headboard-shaped bathroom mirror design is great for a single as well as a double sink. While the base is in a darker monochromatic pattern, the top is brighter thanks to the wood and fine lighting. The interior of the washroom, as reflected in the mirror, follows the overall design, making this bathroom look a little more retro albeit still modern. If your washroom space allows it, a headboard mirror design would be perfect for a fusion theme.

A Bathroom Mirror Design That Pops

Another unique solution for a bathroom mirror design must surely be this one: a pear-shaped mirror. But what makes this bathroom mirror design truly quirky is the teal lining, in a washroom that is more or less monotonal. The raw shell-shade platform enhances the sea-bed vibe, along with amethyst-like crystals and dusty tiles.  


Nothing is as refreshing as an ocean theme approach for a bathroom. So, if you’re confused about where to begin with, this bathroom design idea might be able to help you get started.

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Talib Chitawala, Styling by Samir Wadekar

Image courtesy, ADND

A Simple Bathroom Mirror Idea For A Pastel Bathroom

Apart from white brick walls, cabinet and beige floor, every shade in this bathroom design is pastel. In sync with the glass wardrobe is the round edged rectangular mirror. If you like to keep things simple yet poppy, this black outlined bathroom mirror design is perfect for you and any décor theme that you might wish to go for.

Bathroom Mirror Design With Royal Aesthetics

For a larger than life décor approach, this royal bathroom is perfect for you to take cues from. Given the freedom of choice granted by the large space available, different sections have been styled for different needs. The most eye-catching details is the two bathroom mirror designs place on two walls: different in design yet similar in style. Mirrors surrounded by lights are an interesting approach that scales up the luxurious feel of the space, while maintaining the design fairly simple.


While both bathroom mirror designs grant the illusion of a modern palace, every other detail in the space suggests a sense of modern sleekness.

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Talib Chitawala, Styling by Samir Wadekar

Bathroom Mirror Idea With Marble

White marble and golden elements speak of a simple yet fine taste in design. While every detail in this bathroom idea is mesmerizing in its sleekness, the more you look at the mirror, the more details you’ll uncover. The bathroom mirror structure is right next to a cabinet, crafted in the same marble as the wall.


A beautiful example of style and utility - making the best out of a limited space.

A Wooden Bathroom Mirror Design

Wood and granite in similar hues and a matte black sink is simply a handbook hack for a modern cabin design theme. While the faux plant keeps the wild nature-vibe alive, the bronze pendant lamps add a bit of a studio feel. But the wooden mirror complements the raw yet organised energy of this bathroom design.

Image courtesy, ADND

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

Multiple Bathroom Mirror Ideas On The Wall

Circular mirrors in different sizes not only serve different beauty needs but also look artistic in this cave-like bathroom design. A fusion of vintage and stone-age elements coupled with a wooden cabinet make this bathroom design one of a kind. Not only is every shade shuffled rather carefully on the walls and floor but different light designs are strategically installed to serve different purposes along with the mirrors too.  


Bathroom mirror designs may seem trivial to pay so much attention to in the beginning but ask any interior designer: mirror styles hold a great deal of importance in a bathroom design. They are also a great way to play around with your design and spice things up.

Which bathroom mirror design can’t you take your eyes off of?


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