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Bathroom decorating ideas for a rental

By Jyotsna Kanal

Jul 06, 2018

Give your rental bathroom a makeover with our easy hacks and transform it into the indulgent spot you’ve always longed for


Staying in a rental doesn’t mean you need to have an impersonal space. While your landlord may not exactly allow you to make drastic changes in the house, you can always personalise the space to reflect your taste. And one such place that absolutely needs it is the bathroom. You may not be able to install that full body shower panel, but here are a few things you can do make it stylish:


1.    If you are saddled with a not so pleasant flooring, you can simply cover it with a vinyl one. You can use it in the dry area or
        even the entire bathroom, the choice is yours. These are available as large sheets, so you can cover more area with less


2.    Dress up your walls with framed artworks or art prints. You can change the images and choose a different theme of colours
        and prints to change the look of your bathroom easily


3.    A few styling tricks can help distract the eye from the spots you don’t like. For instance, if your vanity doesn’t appeal to you,
        build a shelf above it. This draws the eye upwards while helping to keep the vanity clutter free. Mini baskets can come in
        handy for holding tiny toiletries


4.    You can also try and work with what you have at hand. Even if it’s a colour scheme you don’t like, you can try to bring
        about cohesion using accessories and objects in the same colours. Complementing what's already there will look much
        better than fighting it, and could even tone it down


5.    Want an instant lift-up? A bold / colourful shower curtain is the quickest and cheapest way to change the look of a


6.    Small details such as retouching or refreshing the grouting can bring in a sense of change. Even replacing lights and mirrors
        can lend a personal touch to the space


7.    When in doubt, add fresh plants. Aloe vera, lucky bamboo and even snake plants are well suited for the humid conditions in
        the bathroom. Invest in a few scented candles to keep the room smelling fresh


8.    If you’re one to get bored easily, introduce colour in non-permanent ways. Think of using bright and colourful hand towels,
        bath towels and bath mats that you can afford to switch out whenever you want a change of palette


9.    Cane baskets are our favourites! These versatile decorative items can be used to stash clean towels, cleaning supplies and
        even used laundry


10.    Switch out your regular towel rods for a sleek ladder. Not only does it save space, it also adds style. Get creative by
          hanging some trinkets / memorabilia along with the usual fare such as towels and clothes


And if you want to go that extra mile, you can even get yourself a bath tub. You can get easy to dismantle ones, which work perfectly for rental. After all, what can say spa more than a bath tub?

Trade your usual towel rods with a wooden ladder to hang your towels, clothes, etc to up the glam quotient in your bathroom.
When in doubt, make a beeline for potted plants to decorate your bathroom.
Full sized and miniature cane and cloth baskets/hampers can come in handy to store toiletries, fresh towels and laundry while adding a decorative element to the bathroom.
Bring in colour through bathroom accessories such as soap dishes and shampoo dispensers. Colourful furniture and vivid towels can also help add colour to the space.

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