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The Way We Work: Studio Flamingo

  • Studio Design
Nov 01, 2022
Open office area with a workstation & calm lighting - Beautiful Homes

The founders of the interior design and architecture firm take us inside their minimalist Mumbai office space

Founded in 2011 by Esha Pandya Choksi and Aashni Kumar, Studio Flamingo is a Mumbai-based design firm, which strives to create beautiful and balanced spaces that reflect a blend of functionality, aesthetics and innovative technology. The studio undertakes residential and commercial projects in areas of interior design and architecture across the country. Their Mumbai office, which is approximately 3,000 square feet, was entirely gutted to its bones and rebuilt on the basis of their functional requirements and vision. With its minimalist aesthetic and unique design elements, this avant-garde office feels like an extension of a stylish home. It has been designed not as a typical office. The founders of Studio Flamingo take us on a tour of their Mumbai office.

Beautiful Homes (BH): What is your design philosophy?

Esha Pandya Choksi and Aashni Kumar (EPC and AK): Our signature style is delivering design solutions of high function and aesthetic value, while creating an unmistakable natural rhythm in the space. We achieve this by paying close attention to how we plan and organise our design, by incorporating and carefully working out design details that are beautiful but minimalistic, and by incorporating the technique of repeating a set of closely curated materials throughout the space. This harmony is our signature style, which is showcased in the design of our work space as well.

Modern & minimal conference room with an attached small cabin - Beautiful Homes

While all the separate rooms of the office have a distinct personality, they all blend into the overall space with ease.

BH: Which part of the space did you enjoy designing the most?

EPC and AK: The part of the space that we enjoyed designing the most is the open office area, which is inhabited by a majority of our team members. Our intention was fuelled by a single thought, i.e., most working adults spend more than 50% of their waking state in an office, and due to this, the office has always taken on the role of a ‘second home.’ The foremost step undertaken to achieve our design objective was to chart out a layout that not only met all requirements but carefully rationed the space between open and collaborative work zones and closed or private work zones. This distribution was done such that more than 90% of the area in the office receives natural sunlight.



BH: How does the ideology of Studio Flamingo tie in with the design of the space?

EPC and AK: As we embarked on what is possibly our most personal design journey, we thoroughly fleshed out our design intent. While functionality never leaves the prime spot in any of our design, we knew that this space had to be more than one that showcased our artistic sensibilities while staying in step with utilitarian goals. This space had to engage in a quiet rebellion to debunk a stereotype.

BH: The space has a black and white colour scheme. Why did you choose it?

EPC and AK: We chose a black and white colour scheme purely because we believed that a monochromatic colour scheme supported by softs greys, wood and gold would add a certain stark backdrop to the open workstation areas that consume most of the floor plan. This helps the eye focus and take in and appreciate larger visual compositions.

The office cabin design is open with large windows - Beautiful Homes

Studio Flamingo’s founders ensured that each space in the office was well lit with natural light such as this cabin that has large windows.

This multifunctional cabin design in Studio Flamingo is an inspiration - Beautiful Homes

From state-of-the-art amenities and comfortable furniture, this office has everything you need from a modern office.

BH: What's the material palette of the office?

EPC and AK: We made a deliberate attempt to juxtapose rustic and unfinished treatments with polished and finished treatments. What you get to see is a visual treat of well finished pieces of furniture and decorative lights juxtaposed against unfinished walls and flooring. The main ingredients in the cocktail of materials include: Marble and micro concrete on the floors, supported by texture paint on the walls.


BH: Do you have any advice for people who would like to achieve a similar aesthetic in their offices?

EPC and AK: For people looking to achieve a similar aesthetic in the office, our advice would be to first understand the nature of work being conducted in the space. For example, assess the balance between open and closed spaces, deep work requirements versus the requirement to collaborate, etc. This assessment and understanding will prove to be a guiding light to achieve the most functional and efficient layout. After having done that, one should adopt a design aesthetic that adopts design decisions and details that lead the employee to feel closer to nature. This is because, regardless of the nature of the business, creating a connection with nature will ensure an environment, which will prove to be a positive mood influencer for its users.


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Esha Pandya Choksi & Aashni Kumar from studio Flamingo - Beautiful Homes

Esha Pandya Choksi and Aashni Kumar are the founders of Studio Flamingo.

Entrance to the Studio Flamingo sets the tone of the interior design - Beautiful Homes

The entrance of Studio Flamingo’s office sets the tone for the rest of the space.

Chic reception area design of the Studio Flamingo - Beautiful Homes

Guests are welcomed by a chic reception through which one can access two open office areas and collaboration zones.

Open area office design for the Studio Flamingo - Beautiful Homes

The founders of Studio Flamingo enjoyed designing the open office area the most. They wanted the space to feel like a second home.

Studio Flamingo is designed like a office but has a homely feel - Beautiful Homes

The Studio Flamingo office is detailed yet minimalistic, discreetly luxurious yet strikingly understated, manmade yet natural, and office-like yet close to home.

Studio Flamingo with two collaboration open spaces - Beautiful Homes

While the office has a minimal design aesthetic, it is also highly functional. This is another open collaboration room at the office.

Minimal & uncluttered cabin design in the office at Studio Flamingo - Beautiful Homes

Here is another cabin at the Studio Flaming office. The space is minimal and uncluttered, yet very practical.

Office place with multi purpose furniture & lighting - Beautiful Homes

Each piece of furniture and décor accessory in the Studio Flamingo office has a purpose.

Warm & welcoming design of the studio Flamingo - Beautiful Homes

The studio desired a space that was a sanctuary where people could come together to dream, explore, persevere, achieve and evolve.

Open office area with a workstation & calm lighting - Beautiful Homes

The open office area showcases a repetition of materials and forms that brings about a sense of calm to the space.

Open collaboration space at the office - Beautiful Homes

The Studio Flamingo office comprises four meeting rooms, multiple cabins, a pantry, three toilets and a store room. Pictured is one of the two open collaboration spaces.

Open office area workstation with clean interior design - Beautiful Homes

With this space, Studio Flamingo successfully brings together the functionalities of an office and the warm and welcoming quality of a home.

Elite toilet design at the Studio Flamingo - Beautiful Homes

The toilet also showcases a similar design style as the rest of the Studio Flamingo office.

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