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Jalakara, Havelock Island

  • Destinations
By Anamika Butalia
7 min read
Feb 06, 2018

Turn your home into a tropical oasis with cues from the interiors of Jalakara, Havelock Island


Located on Andaman and Nicobar’s most popular island, Jalakara is situated on a lush hillside and offers an ideal getaway spot for R&R.


Choose a natural material palette – wood or wooden tiles for flooring, wood and wicker for the doors and, as seen in the Sky Room, a rocking chair. Floor to ceiling windows lend a sense of spaciousness, while blue and green curtains make an ideal choice.

If you like bolder colours, opt for indigos, pinks and tropical patterns to enliven spaces. Carve out mini-windows high above the bed for natural light to filter in, brightening the room. Plan a wall with frames of floral or avian imagery to complete the look.


Raw concrete, favoured in the Sunset Suites, bounces off light and lends a tranquil ambience. Achieve a good contrast by adding copious amounts of striking and colourful fabrics.


A deep blue palette, white accessories, wood-panelled ceilings and flooring are a sight for sore eyes. Canvas or paper lights, like the ones used in the Jalakara Suite, make ideal pendant lamps. If you want to recreate the idyllic vacation vibe, a hammock will be good investment.

Floor to ceiling windows allow you to experiment endlessly. Make maximum use of the light streaming in by making a baithak with bolster cushions, throw pillows, an easy mattress and paper lights. Billowing sheer curtains inject a dramatic flair.
A separate countertop for sinks and dishes is just what is needed to increase some space in the kitchen. If you have limited space, this counter can be incorporated in another space, such as the living room. Lining the shelves with your mother’s china, earthen and copperware can make for a eye-catching display.
If your house is situated on a higher floor and you don’t have to worry about peeking eyes, we suggest you make a beeline for French windows in your bedroom. This makes the room appear spacious and lends an airy feel. Curtains suspended from the ceiling also make a space look bigger. If wooden or metal bed frames don’t impress you, a concrete island makes a good alternative to place the mattress on.
For those who have the luxury of a double heighted bedroom, build a loft-like space along one corner. This can double up as a seating area with tall windows that allow sunlight to stream in. Make an easy artwork out of fabric matching your bed linen. This way, every time you change bedsheets, you can change the backdrop as well.
Small windows right above the bed allow more light to stream in. Even if you don’t have a four-poster bed, you can easily make a canopy – attach an S-hook to the wall and drape flowing fabric from it for a visual treat. Basic side tables topped with simple lights create a homely feel.
An easy way to separate wet and dry areas in the bathroom is by adding a room partition. A folding one allows you flexible access. If you have a smaller bathroom, then a small rug or dhurrie can also help demarcate the areas.
High low areas are another easy way of demarcating spaces in the bathroom. The lower shower area keeps the water contained. The dry area can then be converted into a dressing area complete with a vanity. We love how the deep blue offsets the dull concrete here.
Keep the bathrooms relatively fuss-free with a simple, utilitarian design. Take a cue from the bathrooms in Jalakara. The combination of concrete, wood and ochre, accentuated with brass fittings, lends a humble, earthy vibe. Use the trick of having a console as wide as the mirror to make it seem like a single, cohesive unit.

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