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Best lunchboxes and travel mugs for your busy, on-the-go days

By Aishwarya Bhonsle

Feb 18, 2020

A ‘tiffin’ is basically a little bit of homely reassurance packed into tiny containers. At work, lunch hour is everyone’s favourite pause, and it is such a perfect punctuation to the day if the food is a well-curated selection from home. But woe is the office-worker who opens that tiffin carrier and finds a soggy coagulated mess. Having said that, what’s worse is a leaky mess. Your appetite is disappointed, your stomach is obviously annoyed, and your sensibilities are probably horrified. As you swallow food that was delicious a few hours ago, you wish there was a way to rewind time just for a bit. Help is at hand. Tiffin carriers have become a specialised product category filled with innovative options. And at beautifulhomes.com we’re such proponents of homecooked food, that we’ve put together a masterful list of options, not just for food carriage but also for transporting beverages around (by now, plastic cups ought to be jettisoned from your life). Here goes…

Home Puff
Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Lunch Box, 3-Containers, 1,700 ml, (Rose Gold)

For one thing, this set looks very elegant and professional. It also comes in various sizes to suit your meal requirements. Its containers are “double wall vacuum insulated” stainless steel, ensuring food remains at a desirable temperature throughout. Additionally, the lunch box bag converts to a table mat, so everything in its proper place and in its proper way—just like home.
Price: Rs. 2,949

All Fresh Borosilicate Glass Tiffin, 380 ml, Set of 3, Transparent

The glass containers of this tiffin set make it easier to heat food and are far more eco-friendly than plastic. If your workplace has a microwave, then this product is great and you’re always assured a hot meal.
Price: Rs. 881

Home Centre
Nile-Stella Two-Tier Lunch Box with Water Bottle

This lunch box set has two compartments separate from each other so as to make sure the food doesn’t mix. It comes with a matching bottle. If you are fond of bright coloured products this could be the one for you.
Price: Rs. 639

Jumbo Black Polished Stainless Steel Lunch Box with Bagmat, 1,300 ml, 4 Containers, (Black)

The Vaya design has ‘VacuTherm technology’ which the company assures will keep your food warm for 4-6 hours. We have to admit that this compact lunchbox is a favourite at the beautifulhomes.com office. Having said that, take heed: Even though the containers are air-tight, they aren’t ideal for liquid foods like soup. While we have featured the largest size, this product comes in smaller sizes, different colours and fun prints as well.
Price: Rs. 3,590


Slim Small Glass Lunch Box, 600ml/33mm
Here’s a simple, small in size lunch box, made of borosilicate glass and divided into two compartments. It’s leak proof and spill proof, so that your food contents won’t get mixed. Also you can easily heat the food in a microwave.
Price: Rs. 469

Stainless Steel 3 Container and 1 Casserole Set with Plastic Bottle Microwave-safe Lunch Box with Bag (Grey)

This lunch box set comes with a bag to organise and carry your food. It includes one bottle for liquids and 4 containers for food. All of which perfectly fit in the bag. There is also a section to keep your cutlery and napkin. If having your food organized is top priority and you wouldn’t mind carrying a trendy bag to work, this could be a good option for you.
Price: Rs. 599

Vintage Brass Two-Tier Lunch Box

Unlike the very modern ones we see these days, this one has an unique charm. This lunch box is a flashback of sorts or a reminder rather of our good old lunch box. If you are a fan of vintage looking products, you could go for this one.
Price: Rs. 1,990

Lts International (sold On Tata Cliq Luxury)

Stainless steel pyramid four tier lunch box
A Jaipur inspired print on this lunch box makes it look luxurious yet fun. In also resembles a pyramid structure and has a simple handle to help carry it. It is a modern take on our age old lunch boxes that are stacked on top of each other. You can go for this one if you like having products with intriguing prints.
Price: Rs. 2,520

Ritu Kumar
Kansa Tiffin with Spoon

This designer tiffin is again an interesting take on our Indian tiffins. This comes with 5 compartments of food, and a spoon that also holds the whole tiffin together. This one is a suitable companion for a long trip. Also if more than one of you share the food or you simply would like a variety of food separated in various compartments then you may find this as an appropriate option.
Price: Rs. 12,000

Travel mugs


Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug 400 ML

Here’s another travel mug that works like a mini thermos. The silicone grip on the mug makes it easy for you to carry it around as it gives a better grip. This has a sipper lid and so, makes the mug as convenient as a regular bottle.
Price: Rs. 999

India Circus
Organised Ovule Bamboo Frankie Cup

This cup is made of bamboo fibre and has a great designer look and feel to it. If you enjoy your tea or coffee breaks regularly during the day, and don’t want to waste the paper cups in office, you can opt for this eco-friendly one. This one also has a silicone grip on it for protecting your hands from the cup’s heat. It also makes it easy for you to hold the cup as you sip on the contents.
Price: Rs. 419

W&P Design, USA
Porter Travel Mug

Made of ceramic and wrapped with a layer of silicone, this product makes you feel like you are drinking out of your regular mug from home. This one is very small in size and easy to travel with. If you are looking at going for something very compact here’s a good option for you.
Price: Rs. 1,895


Carafe Tumbler

This tumbler has an interesting design and a sporty look. If you have a fast paced lifestyle or a very active personality, this mug can be your soulmate even during non-work hours.
Price: Rs. 999

House Of Gifts
Eco friendly wheat straw mug

This travel mug is an eco-friendly option worth considering. The look and texture that it has, adds to its simple vibe. If you want something very basic, then this one would be appropriate for you.
Price: Rs. 340

Office Sports & Travel Coffee Mug with Lid 300 ml

This compact sized portable mug also has a double walled insulation system. This allows the liquid to remain in its original temperature and maintain its aroma as well. It also has an in built tea infuser, in case you are in the mood to sip on some. And ofcourse it looks very smart with its complete matte black look. So if you are looking at something simple and compact this will work for you.
Price: Rs. 649

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