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This is how you can buy art online

  • Art
By Tanya Siqueira
5 min read
Sep 12, 2019


11 affordable art pieces to decorate your walls


When talking about some of the biggest decorating challenges, buying art must be in the top five for most of us. While that hasn’t stopped art lovers from making the odd purchase, we wondered if having art available online has made the process easier? Aditya Mehta, Founder CEO, Art & Found confirms that “while the idea is still gathering steam in India, millennials make up the chunk of online art buyers right now”. According to Mehta, who sells affordable art prints for homes and offices, online purchases are growing fast, especially for pieces at lower price points.


While that’s excellent news for both buyers and artists, buying art is often a daunting process for first-time buyers—a lack of knowledge and the fear of prices play a huge part in this. “In-store purchases can often be impulsive,” says Prasad Naik, who along with Manish Mansinh founded dayDREAM, the quaint 100 sq ft store in Mumbai’s art district that retails a variety of framed and unframed photographs. “If someone has bought art offline at least once, the transition to buying it online is much easier,” he adds.


But whether you’re on a tight budget or have unlimited funds, Astha Khetan, Founder of Udaipur-based luxury design start-up that focuses on heritage crafts, The House Of Things cautions, “Don’t rush into buying a piece. Start small, give the FAQ section a quick read to figure out everything about the piece from delivery and return policies to installation, framing and hanging help.” Lastly, she adds, “if you still have questions before buying - don’t hesitate to contact the company directly.”


With so much to pay attention to, we’ve done the spadework to bring you a definitive starter list of art within the Rs 10,000 mark, in different mediums that you can buy with just a few clicks:


Untitled III
Price: Rs. 9,000
Medium:  Ink on paper
Brand: Aakriti Art Gallery
Brand USP: Besides being an e-shop for art, it’s an interactive platform for both artists and art aficionados and routinely conducts art-related workshops, exhibitions and seminars.



Bhil Canvas Painting
Price: Rs. 3,532
Medium: Paint on canvas
Brand: Tribes India
Brand USP: They promote handicrafts from different tribal regions of India.



Under The Stars
Price: Rs. 4,500
Medium: Print on archival paper
Brand: Airphish
Brand USP: The art on this website is mostly ink pen, inspired by aerial and animal life and is later transferred onto various products besides prints.



Akshar Artwork by Shreyansh Agarwal
Price: Rs. 3,600
Medium: A2 Art print
Brand: Kulture Shop
Brand USP: The website brings together various artists and has a sizeable range of contemporary artworks.



Art by Manoj Nayak
Price: Rs. 9,900
Medium: Serigraph on acid-free paper
Brand: Mojarto
Brand USP: Mojarto is one of India’s largest online art platforms that connects Indian artists with collectors, dealers and galleries directly. Find everything from watercolour paintings, modern abstract art, or a simple portrait painting at affordable prices here.

City Palace Dreamscape City by Gallery 1 By R Soni 

Price: Rs. 5,150

Medium: Photographic Print on Fine Art Paper

Brand: The House Of Things

Brand USP: The website has a well-curated online destination to shop for interior decor essentials - furniture, accessories, art and lighting.



London Travel Diary by Prasad Naik
Price: Rs. 10,000
Medium: Canvas Stretch, 24in X 30in Photograph
Brand: dayDream
Brand USP: The brainchild of photographer Prasad Naik and graphic designer Manish Mansinh, the website has everything from exotic destinations and whimsical fashion to bold typography and playful illustration.



The Vision, Aurpera
Price: Rs. 2,600
Medium: Pop art illustration
Brand: Art&Found
Brand USP: The brand brings together a variety of artists with different styles at affordable prices. Get everything from archival quality art and photography prints, frames or canvas for any space.


Riquwihr by Ashok Hinge
Price: Rs. 10,000
Medium: Acrylic on paper
Brand: StoryLTD
Brand USP: The website is a shopping and auction platform for people who value pieces with history and unique design aesthetics. Get your fix of modern and contemporary art, books, jewellery, textiles, home décor and furniture.



Raja Ravi Varma’s ‘Godohan’ Lithograph on Paper
Price: Rs. 6,300
Medium: Lithograph
Brand: Jaypore
Brand USP: The brand promotes all things Indian and handcrafted and has some authentic home decor collectables as well as a range of clothing.


Endurance by Anju Rajan
Price: Rs. 10,000
Medium: Charcoal on Paper
Brand: World Art Community
Brand USP: The brand is an online, art and craft marketplace where consumers buy hand-made artistic products from across India directly from their creators.


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