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Table Décor 101 - A Beautiful Homes Masterclass at AP Homes, Coimbatore

  • Ideas and Inspiration
By Tanya Siqueira
6 min read
Feb 22, 2019
A Beautiful Homes Masterclass at AP Homes, Coimbatore

Tackling table décor ideas became fun at the recent event with eager participants wanting to learn the rules to follow and the ones to break.


The animated masterclass ended with a fun, hands-on exercise. Participants were given a selection of home décor products and encouraged to design a space entirely on their own. The focus and enthusiasm were undeniable as each member used tips and theories to envision and style their own space. They learned first-hand, how simple design choices can change the way you experience a room and impact its overall look and energy greatly.

Take a quick tour of our fun, table styling masterclass.

Twenty-two eager participants - a mix of amateur interior designers, architects and home décor enthusiasts - learned exactly that and more at our recently concluded masterclass at AP Homes in Annamalai, Coimbatore. The hour-long session started with a decoding of visual principles and their place in designing interiors. A bunch of real-life examples and a handy takeaway full of tips and hacks, meant that participants discovered how they could style a table top that completes a room.

Here are few of our expert tips for you to consider the next time you want to try some table styling in your home:


1. Collect the right elements - Curate a few vertical and horizontal pieces of varying heights and shapes that form the basis of your story. Add a piece or two that stand as a sculptural highlight. Finally infuse some life with a potted plant, a small succulent or just an arrangement of fresh flowers.


2. Learn to layer - Overlap elements by height to ensure each one is visible. Don’t be afraid of extending in all directions by varying the amount of space between items to create points of interest.

Use a simple wooden tray to arrange smaller, interesting knick-knacks.

3. Tell a story - When you think of your table or console top as the background for your narrative and the elements as characters, you understand why tying them together with a tray or platter is necessary to bring major elements together and complete the tale. Some of the best table tops are ones you can edit or add to over time, that grow around a theme that's personal to you.


4. Flex your creative muscles - Some spaces like kitchens and bathrooms are more functional than others but that only means you have room to play. Experiment with the number of pieces, overall look and don’t be afraid to scrap it all and start over if you think it doesn’t work for you.

Participants put their skills and the masterclass tips and tricks to the test by styling their own table top with a selection of home décor products.
A deep blue table mat, some session-related readables and stylish stationery for participants to jot down ideas, questions and notes on the perfect table top designs for their homes.
Unless you’re going for a uniform, shop display look, arrange pieces of different heights together in a way that every piece is part of the group but each one can be seen easily.
A well-styled console takes into account the foreground, background and all the intricate details in between. Bring the focus onto a favourite collection or an assortment of stylish smaller pieces so that they don't get lost in a large room.
Styling a coffee table which is a centrepiece on its own is very different from a console against a wall. Here your canvas extends from the console right to the wall behind it. Play with textured paints, patterned wallpapers and lighting for a truly unique outcome.
Add colour, life and character to any countertop with a leafy plant, a fuss-free succulent or a spray of delicate flowers.

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