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5 patisseries we love

  • Food
By Pragnya Rao
4 min read
Dec 02, 2016


A round up of our favourite patisseries from around the world that are a treat to both, your palate and your senses


We do indulge our sweet tooth ever so often, New Year resolutions (read our story on New Year Resolutions for the Home here) be damned. But when we get to savour it in an ambience that is at par with the delicious desserts on our plates, we can’t help but be excited. We rounded up some of the best patisseries around the world where their décor is as delicious as the desserts they serve.


Adriano Zumbo, Melbourne
We were fixated to our television screens, watching with trepidation, nervous as the contestants themselves while Adriano Zumbo walked down the aisles of Masterchef Australia. Master patissier and superstar chef, he the man behind the awe-inducing croquembouche tower. While Adriano is known to sidestep stereotypes, his Melbourne outlet designed by Elenberg Fraser and his team also manages to do the same with panache. Moving away from the pastels and pinks associated with patisseries, the interiors are reminiscent of an edgy, candy-pink, reflective wonderland. Complete with customised typography for signage and bespoke furniture comprising of warped, dripping forms, the interiors are a reflection of Zumbo’s own evolving, playful and experimental approach to creation – mixing unexpected materials, processes and finishes to produce an unique experience.


Ladurée, Paris
A visit to Paris is as incomplete without a stopover at Ladurée as without one to the Eiffel. A pastel green door harking back to the Vicorian era with gold trimmings opens to what is a dreamy, romantic café. Whether you fall in love with their goey macaroons or not, you sure are going to love the décor. Everything inside is immaculate, from the packaging to the tables where you can devour the macaroons. The setting is just perfect for a vintage tea party – pretty porcelain adorn the tables while plush armchairs, ornate mirrors and gorgeous chandeliers make it seem more like a salon than a patisserie.


Konditorei Café, Berlin
Our search for the perfect Baumkuchen, a baked, layered cake covered with chocolate took us to this legendary café in Tiergarten, not too far away from another Berlin-food paradise, Kulturbruerei. This legendary café has been dishing this mouth-watering dessert for the past 150 years. A large wooden door invites you inside this quaint, old-fashioned café complete with white table covers, sterling silverware, long French windows and parquet flooring. And if you are lucky enough to be there on a sunny day, the flower-lined garden overlooking the river Spree is just what you need to enjoy the history, and the coffee.


Cafe Savoy, Prague
If you, like us prefer to start your day with sweet goodies, then Café Savoy is the place for you. And we don’t say that just for the food they whip up. A beautifully restored café from the Belle Époque era, it comes with a gorgeous Neo-Renaissance ceiling dating back to 1893, interiors dominated by heavy woodwork, hardwood flooring, and suited wait staff to boot. If you ask us, we were so thrilled that we ended up having all three meals here.


Conditorei Péclard, Zurich
There’s something charming about being able to buy your sweetmeats across a counter that has held its ground since the 18th century. That along with damask wallpaper on the walls, oversized, ornate mirrors, antique chandeliers, and heavily carved cabinets that could give any collector a run for his money. But the only thing we are gunning for here are their handmade chocolates and pastries that make you lose track of time.

The interiors of Adriano Zumbo’s Melbourne patisserie is an edgy, whimsical wonderland.
The décor of Café Savoy in Prague is a reflection of the Belle Époque era and has a Neo-Renaissance ceiling dating back to 1893.
The elaborate décor of the Conditorei Péclard in Zurich takes you back to the 18th century.
One of the oldest cafes in Berlin, Konditorei has a quaint feel to it.

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