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Finally, a collection of pure, organic paints for the home

By Rajashree Balaram

Sep 27, 2019

Green smoothies, sustainable fashion, natural skincare, a plastic-free home – if this is the lifestyle you prefer, you can now add natural paints to your home renovation plans this Diwali. Launched this week, Nilaya Naturals is India’s first luxury organic paint collection and here’s everything you need to know about it

It has been over 40,000 years since homo sapiens invented the first pigments by mixing soil, animal fat, burnt charcoal and chalk to render their musings and observations on cave walls. Ever since, our relationship with colours has only gotten deeper. With the recent launch of Nilaya Naturals by Asian Paints this relationship has taken a more sustainable and environment-friendly turn. Ninety-five per cent of the ingredients used for this luxe range of are sourced naturally and remain unaltered when they are returned to the earth.


Organic Paint For An Eco-friendly Home

Nilaya Naturals is skillfully blended from soya bean extract, casein, calcium carbonate, castor seeds and neem oil, making it 100 per cent safe and healthy for your home and you. Besides the organic composition, its unique painting system with a base coat and top coat, makes the layers of paint porous, which in turn regulates humidity and prevents microbial growth.


It also absorbs CO2 from the surrounding atmosphere and leaves the room smelling clean, fresh and light—all thanks to the things that go into its making.


True to its environment-loving promise, the paint and the primer are packed in tin containers instead of plastic ones, and the pigments come in eco-friendly Tyvek sachets and paper boxes.

Nilaya naturals home

Suddenly a Parrot (NN08) provides serenity and interest to a room. It combines bone black, blue, green, champagne chalk, red and yellow ochres to give this green its lively and vibrant character.

Why Is Nilaya Naturals The Right Choice For You?

The R&D team at Asian Paints studied traditional paint-making techniques and worked with naturally occurring pigments that have been used since the beginning of art history—red, yellow, purple, brown, bone black, and superfine chalk. The pigments are sourced from around the world, including the quarries of France’s Champagne region and Ste des Ochres de France in Gargas, Vaucluse.
With a palette of 35 different shades—each available in three variations—at your disposal, you are spoilt for choice. The product comes with a 10-year warranty that covers shade fidelity and film integrity.


Scroll through the images below to check out what this collection can do for your walls:

Nilaya naturals Cris-Clair
Ragas in the Rain (NN20) is a warm grey-brown that was created by blending French ochres with bone black and champagne chalk. It remains neutral and makes a smart companion to almost any colour: light or dark, warm or cool.
Nilaya naturals MILES
Tender Coconut Summer (NN31) has been created by adding small amounts of red pigment to its complementary green pigment, then warmed by adding generous amounts of burnt ochre.
Nilaya naturals Cardinal
Jaipur Morning Walk (NN24) is an intense terracotta tone that mimics the glow of the morning light on Jaipur’s vibrant streets. This lively and timeless hue is made by combining natural burnt red and yellow ochres with high quality red pigment.
Nilaya naturals Mineral
Shells on the Sand (NN10) utilises bone black, champagne chalk and French ochre pigment to recreate the ambiguous shade of shells. It is an elegant and understated white that elevates its surroundings.

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