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A reading corner that is as intimate as it confidently extravagant

  • Ideas and Inspiration
Aug 16, 2019


Here are our best reading corner decorating ideas to help you redesign a quiet corner into a favourite book nook, so go grab a novel and get comfy!

Ultimately, it is the simple pleasures that make life so enjoyable, and few pleasures are simpler or more enjoyable than reading. Alas, to be able to dedicate a specific area of your home purely to the love of sitting with a good book is a luxury that not all can afford. However, with our reading corner decorating ideas, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create a place of calm for those hours spent buried deep within the pages of a novel.   


Reading corner decorating idea: cohesive, not cluttered
Avoid just throwing together a bunch of things and hoping they will work in harmonious balance with each other. Unfortunately, the key to a well-designed reading corner is a bit of forethought and patience.


A reading corner can be both intimate and extravagant when it is full of your favourite memories and souvenirs from your travels.

Find a way to tie together patterns, prints, textures and accessories. For example. make sure that all wooden accents have the same stain or finish, or ensure that your throw matches the lampshade. The trick is to keep experimenting with lighting, furniture and your other reading nook decorating ideas  until you hit the sweet spot and it feels just right.

Eclectic décor is all about juxtaposition but thinking out of the box is key to standing out. Let your space tell your story.

Make sure there’s a method to the madness
As people with varied interests frequently find, there is often a division between objects which are made beautiful by their accompanying backstory, and objects which are beautiful in and of themselves. While it can be incredibly tempting to combine both your meaningful and aesthetically pleasing objects together, this can sometimes create quite a disjointed atmosphere to a room.


Employing a more heterogeneous style means you can embrace all your favourites with the simple addition of say, a deep emerald wall as your display canvas or earthy coloured carpets to match the leather and wood accessories. Create your own sense of contrast and balance with several unique pieces which can co-exist peacefully in the same space.


An eclectically styled space means that it can be many things - glamourous and rugged, audacious and modern. But it will always be uniquely you.


Our favourite reading nook design idea? Finding the perfect chair
Like yoga, meditation and making the right impression in a job interview, having a good posture is key. The same goes for reading for long stretches of time. In order to fully utilise your newly transformed reading nook, it is vital that you choose a chair or stool that can fully support your back for hours on end. 

We recommend the “New Nut Ter” leather chair with arms from Sarita Handa for this exact reason. With its firm but comfortable form, you are guaranteed to find yourself loosing track of time within the pages of a book rather than being distracted by having to reposition yourself every 5 minutes.


Shop for the elements we used to create our ideal reading corner, below:


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