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10 lighting ideas for a cosy Living Room

Lighting ideas for a cosy Living Room – Beautiful Homes
By Shreya Bhimani

Jan 04, 2019

Light your home like it is your sanctuary

The right lighting in your living room is crucial to creating that warm inviting glow we all want when we come home. Choose between these floor lamps or table lamps to create the perfect ambience you can enjoy with family and friends in your living room interiors.


Orange Tree

Space saving and eye captivating, this light provides an alluring and soothing brightness that gives away an elegant and charming appeal to your home decor. Not only is this light classy to look at, but also high on efficiency. It adopts deep tone and atmospheric transparency to create the luminous core in this space.

Price: Rs.5,500

Meldera Table Lamp – Beautiful Homes


Imperil Globe Table Lamp - Beautiful Homes


Objects of Interest

This minimal lamp is a great example of the 'less is more' philosophy. The gold cylinder makes a very gentle connection with the balancing light globe. The lamp uses a light source that can glow comfortably within the surrounding, demonstrating its great form and function.

Price: Rs.8,500




The dynamic and ornamental Mabel Table Lamp is sure to be cherished. Light bounces through the varied panes of glass, spilling onto the walls and platform in a warm and pleasing way, reminiscent of street lamps from the 19th century but with a delightful twist.

Price: Rs.7,300

Mabel Table Lamp – Beautiful Homes


Stanley Floor Lamp - Beautiful Homes


Jainson Emporio

A beautiful contemporary style Table Lamp, the Stanley features a balloon shaped smoked glass lampshade with a metallic disc and hovering reflector for an atmospheric light setting. The bell jar silhouette of the lamp and the subtle smoked glass finish makes it a fantastic choice for modern home interiors.  

Price: Rs.28,300


Orange Tree

Inspired by impressionism which dwells on the philosophy of reflection without relying on realism. This lamp celebrates the synthesis of natural beauty and harmonious irregularity represented in a symbolic, decorative avant-garde.

Price: Rs.8,999

Tatva Floor Lamp – Beautiful Homes


Cannula Floor Lamp – Beautiful Homes


Objects of Interest

This floor lamp is both suave and strikingly simple in equal measures. It is a timeless addition to your reading nook or work stead - ensuring a soft and even glow. Exquisite and effervescent, this resplendent metal and gold table lamp brings the best out of your decor quite effortlessly.

Price: Rs.17,800



The White Teak Company

Old World Charm justifies its nomenclature beautifully. The antique style floor lamp exudes a distinct charm that brings out the best of your decor with ease. Its torchiere style paired with the antique bronze finish and slightly speckled and amber seeded glass adds oodles of class to the room it adorns.

Price: Rs.13,950

Old World Charm Floor Lamp – Beautiful Homes


Tiffany Reeded Glass Pendant – Beautiful Homes


Gulmohar Lane

Taking you back into the large corridors of royal solaces, this pendant is a sophisticated blend of detailing and ribbing that lends a classic character. Hang atop your dining set in a trio or adorn your bedroom with an eternal aura. Allow the space to gleam in a warm and inviting glow with a sap of aesthetics.

Price: Rs.29,500



INV Home

Coming from a classic idea with a modern twist, this gorgeous Tabletop Lamp with sophisticated details made by highly skilled Indian artisans will bring everything in your home together. The warm lighting brings the aesthetic feeling full of industrial flavour into the soft indoor environment.

Price: Rs.13,600

Jardin Table Lamp – Beautiful Homes


Home Cube 3d Printing LED Lamp – Beautiful Homes


Amazon India

The moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol; it brings you lucky and happiness. This is a good ambient light for room decor, kids' bedroom, living room, dining room, office, college dorm. The nightstand lamp is delicately crafted with 3D printing technology that restores the real appearance of the moon vividly.

Price: Rs.1,899

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