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Ideas for a cosy New Year's Eve party

  • Tips & Tricks
Dec 14, 2017
Seating idea for the new year's party


Ditch the glamourous, blingy parties for a more casual and cosy gathering at your home interiors. Read on for our quick tips


New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be hectic and loud. It can be a quiet, cosy affair as well, right in the comfort of your home. No need to hit the clubs or brave the crazy traffic – just invite a few friends over and let the fun begin.


1.    Light it up
Dim lights are a thumb rule for a cosy setting. Decorate with candles and tealights for a warm ambience. Using a string or two of fairy lights in the room makes it festive and glittery.


2.    Dress down
Relax the dress code for the evening. Instead of playing dress up, let your guests turn up in comfy casuals for the night.


3.    Let the children in
This will eliminate the stress of finding a babysitter. Set up a kids’ area in your home. Plug in a DVD player, stock up on board games and even art and craft supplies to keep the children busy while you enjoy the party.


4.    Keep it easy
Think disposable plates, cups and cutlery. These can be customised with party themed stickers to add a fun element.


5.    Capture the moments
Don’t forget party props, hats, noisemakers and flower leis for memorable party pictures. Shoot against a designated wall decorated with some personalised messages for the new year (large printouts would also do).


6.    Induce warmth
Brew up some mochas and cocoas and cuddle up under cosy blankets for an unconventional New Year’s Eve. You could even set up a hot chocolate bar in your kitchen. (Read our article on how to set up your hot cocoa bar).


7.    Jam away
Have you thought about a jamming session for a New Year’s Eve party? Let your audiophile friends bring their favourite albums of 2017 or you can host a karaoke night.


8.    Consider a sleepover
What better way to celebrate another year of adulthood than by hosting a sleepover with all your friends? Turn it into a fun pyjama party, just like the good ol’ times.


9.    Accept help
If your guests insist on bringing something to the party, say “yes” so you don’t end up with kitchen duties while the party is on in full swing.


10.    Handy party favours
Stack a table near the door with party favours so your guests can just pick one on the way out. These can be cans of cookies, pouches or even wallets. If personalised, make sure they are placed such that the names are easily readable. 

Bring out the ice bucket, soak in a bottle of fine wine and string up the fairy lights to complete your New Year’s Eve party décor. Keep the setting simple to keep the atmosphere casual. This also ensures that your guests will not have to tip toe around your pretty décor and will be able to move around freely.
Make your photos more memorable with fun props to pose with. You can get them at a party store or download templates from the internet and make your own DIY props. Either way, when photo session rolls around, we guarantee lots of fun!
To avoid the trouble of spending the next day washing dishes, bring out some fancy paper plates and customised plastic cutlery. You can decorate these with stickers or wrap them with fancy paper for a party ready look.
Keep your party favours ready and arranged so that while leaving, guests can pick one up on their way out. Stack them neatly so they’re easier to grab and pretty to look at as well.

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