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Eeshaan Kashyap sets the stage for a vibrant celebration in his garden

  • Table Styling
Nov 06, 2023
Vibrant table setup for your space – Beautiful Homes

On a sinuous, electric-blue spread, the visual tastemaker pairs a confetti of design objects to create a grazing table for a sunny Diwali brunch

“I love the idea of garden lunches, and what better occasion than the run up to Diwali and the winter season to begin a celebration,” exclaims New Delhi-based multidisciplinary artist-designer Eeshaan Kashyap, pointing to the ultramarine-hued grazing table he’s set up in his garden for a Diwali brunch. With a confetti of old and new objects and serveware, there’s something for everyone at this vibrant circle for snacking that’s juxtaposed against a verdant landscape. “Antique brass temple diyas from Odisha are placed as laddoo stands paired with old Chettinad brass ladles, coconut graters, metal buckets, crystal decanters—and even resin ‘Modern Matkas’ from my Tablescape collection—to serve bites ranging from gondhoraj-scented mishti doi to spicy beetroot chips.”

As a trained chef and culinary artist, Kashyap has played an integral role in launching and branding award-winning boutique restaurants across the country such as PCO, PDA, À Ta Maison, SAZ, Ping’s Café Orient and Jamun. Today, a sought-after food and design consultant within the burgeoning landscape of the hospitality industry, his surrealist designs transform restaurants, bars, weddings and curated events in the most unconventional and visually thrilling ways.


“I am a dreamer, tables are my canvas, and I love creating spaces that bring joy to people. The idea is to play with colours, materials, stories, textures, patterns, and even emotion. I always try to bring in an element of surprise to my tables, either in the form of an edible experience or even just a visual treat. 

Chef Eeshaan Kashyap – Beautiful Homes

Chef and culinary artist, Eeshaan Kashyap sets up a Diwali brunch table in his garden.

I use food as a medium on my tables to break symmetry and create magic,” he explains, while recalling making a kaju katli chandelier for a previous Diwali party. “It was designed for my guests to pluck and eat the sweets. The dazzling silver varq on the mithai shimmers almost like the Thikri art I’ve seen at City Palace in Udaipur.”

Table setting with flowers for your space – Beautiful Homes

Crystal decanter and chettinad brass ladles in ‘Modern Matkas’ from Eeshaan’s Tablescape collection adorn the Diwali table setup.

Beautiful table setting to enhance your décor – Beautiful Homes

Laddoos on antique brass diyas are served with bites ranging from gondhoraj-scented mishti doi to spicy beetroot chips.

As a starting point, the visual tastemaker shares that he always begins at the centre of the table, with elevation being the key to setting the mood for the spread. This could be flowers, vases or even long tapered candles. “I always start with lots of things in the centre—dressing the tableware and other components on the table—and gradually edit pieces as I move outwards. And, an interplay of patterns, texture and mix of materials is always a delight!” 

Decorative table set up for your space – Beautiful Homes

A large 30-foot long blue oval table serves as a stage for guests to move around.

For this azure spread, Kashyap played out a large 30-foot long oval table like a stage, where guests could move around to discover and sample the gifts, mithai, snacks and savouries at the festive brunch. “I love the colour blue,” he shares, “and wanted this table to pop as soon as one enters the garden. The bright flowers in shades of orange and pink set the mood for a happy celebration. For me, this is a festive stage, where I feel like a performer meeting and serving everyone from its centre.”


The key to the perfect party for Kashyap is “the people—they are the ones who make the memories, and I am always excited to see who I am seated next to whenever I am at a table,” he heartily declares. “I regularly put together small setups, hosting intimate gatherings on my terrace and garden these days—even on weekdays! After all, it is Diwali time!” 

Eeshaan Kashyap’s Guide to a Big Celebration at Home:

  • When planning a gathering at home, don’t stress yourself out—it’s a party not an exam!

  • Keep your personal style intact, using things from around your home to dress the table—old textiles, design objects, utensils and flowers that are available easily make for the most fascinating pieces.

  • Gone are the days of a picture-perfect table setup. And, keep the seating tight—it’s the secret to a fun party!

  • Use different glassware on the same table—it’s stylish and unique—and old utensils filled with flowers, foraged greens, or even books can create a bold centrepiece.

  • The one thing I really enjoy around this time of the year is the fragrance. I use a winter blend in my house that is a combination of clove and amber with sweet notes. It lingers and feels good. An abundance of candles and desi gulab also always do the trick! 


All images by Eeshan Kashyap

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