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10 virtual gift ideas that are perfect for everyone on your list

  • Tips & Tricks
By Aishwarya Bhonsle
7 min read
Dec 04, 2020
A pair of hands holding a gift box in front of a laptop screen

Festive season or not, gifting something thoughtful is a beautiful life skill. But in the midst of a raging pandemic, this simple act of love is no longer as easy as buy and pay. Even in the era of digital shopping, shipping delays and safety are still valid concerns. So, for last-minute shoppers and folks wanting to give a different kind of present, we’ve listed a series of options available digitally, that promise to be safe, on-schedule, and equally satisfying, for all the different kinds of personalities in your life. 


For the shoppers

We all know people who enjoy shopping. How about a gift that lets them shop some more, and for free! Gift cards are everyone’s favorite and an easy choice, really. Most e-commerce websites offer an e-gift card at various price-points. These cards carry a credit amount your giftee can redeem online. These are generally valid for a whole year, so there's no pressure of using it right away too. You can send this via email or simply by sharing a link.


The most popular one is the Amazon Pay E-Gift Card as it covers various product categories. This card lasts for a year and can be amounted as per your preference. They can shop almost anything from the whole of Amazon’s catalogue.


Pro tip: Do a little research on which website, brand or category of products your friend enjoys shopping from. Gifting an e-gift card of something they like is always a more thoughtful gift.

For lifetime students

With access to the Internet there's a lot you can learn. There are online classes and workshops available for a variety of skills, taught by expert professionals. If your friend has been talking about taking up training for a particular skill, chances are there's an online class for it. From cooking to design or even photography, there's something for everyone! Some popular learning platforms with online classes are  UdemySkillshareCoursera and the most reputed one of them all is MasterClass. If you can't decide on the course to choose, you can simply gift an all-access pass, allowing them to choose any course or courses for a whole year. 


For the couch potatoes

Most of us have found ourselves in this category during the lockdown. Binge-watching shows and having movie marathons are now our biggest forms of entertainment. Even though most streaming platforms have a few shows available for free, better content needs subscription. If you are aware of a pending subscription a friend has been wanting to renew or even buy afresh, here's your chance to grab this gifting opportunity.


Some popular OTT platforms include NetflixDisney + HotstarZEE5VOOT and Amazon Prime Video.

A notebook with. apen kept in front of a laptop

Gifting online classes to someone will help them add to their skillset. Image courtesy, Nick Morrison/ Unsplash

A pair of hands folding a pink yoga mat

For fitness enthusiasts

In today's age and time, one doesn't need to leave the house to maintain a fitness routine. Especially now, with gyms closed, and our brisk walks limited, we have to exercise at home. To help us with this, the Internet also offers platforms with highly-skilled fitness trainers to help you with guided workout plans. Sometimes these come with diet plans for all-rounded fitness. You can gift your friend access to any class they would like or any plans that would help them. This is a good option since fitness is now everyone's top priority. You can try the sculpting Barre classes by Physique 57 that originated in New York, or Cult.fit that offers both physical and mental fitness sessions.


For gamers

For anyone on your list who enjoys gaming, there are a variety of gifting options available. From gift cards for purchasing games on platforms like Steam and Google Play, to adding credit to their online wallets for any in-app purchases, the options are many. You can take a look at a few options here.


For music lovers 

People who bury themselves in songs know that all music platforms have a hundred advertisements simply to interrupt them. For them, you could subscribe to platforms like SpotifyJioSavaan or Apple Music  for a seamless experience. If you want to get a little more creative, consider going old school. Mix tapes was a sweet gesture of 90s'. We can now do the same by making playlists on these platforms and simply share and dedicate them virtually.

For personalisation

With so many artists displaying their work on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, we have access to a lot of illustrators offering customised gifting options. These individual artists offer caricatures of people along with illustrated elements to make the design unique and completely personal. This is a good gift for almost anyone. A few Instagram artists who do commission based art are Art of chai, Ideaphoria, Aarorodraws

For bookworms

The people who enjoy reading books, would appreciate a good read in any form. For the ones who indulge in novels, e-books that can be read on the Kindle app or even on the Kindle gadget is an option. Sometimes, even simple PDFs are available. One can shop for E-books for their Kindle here.

If the person you want to gift likes magazines, you can gift them an annual digital or physical magazine subscription too.


For the socially minded

Right now, more than ever, a little social work is always a noble choice. If you feel like you would want your money to do good then gift a little something in your giftee's name. NGOs always send out an e-mail and a receipt thanking the person for helping them by making a donation. This will make anyone feel good and makes for a truly thoughtful gift.   

Sponsor food for children and senior citizens here.
Sponsor food for local animals here.
Sponsor rescued wildlife animals from circuses and zoos here.

A person holding a Kindle

The people who enjoy reading books would appreciate a good read in any form. Image courtesy, freestocks/ Unsplash

Miscellaneous ideas that everyone will love

If you aren't too sure of what to get someone and are still slightly confused, there are a few curated e-gifts available on Oye Happy. From a tree planted and maintained in their name to a radio show dedicated to your giftee, there are a bunch of options. Another website that has listed a variety of digital gifts is  Ferns N Petals. This website offers dedicated performances and messages by musicians, poets and celebrities as well. 


Other than that, you can send simple E-cards, with added animations to all your contacts for free here. You won't need any design skills and can easily customize templates that are already available.


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