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10 online games to keep you entertained

Man playing mobile games on his smartphone
By Aishwarya Bhonsle

Jun 09, 2020

Online gaming has spread its wings over a lot of segments, even décor. We’ve got a list down for both solo and group—albeit without meeting in-person entertainment.

For playing as a group

Tombola, commonly known as Housie, is a household favourite in India. The one game that lets an entire family participate irrespective of age. The good news is that you can play this game with your family, friends, or strangers across the globe via this app. We really like its simple and engaging interface.

House Party
This app gained popularity recently as you can play games with your friends while on video chat. Millennial games like 'Chips & Guac', 'Trivia' and 'Pictography' are some of the games. The best part is that you can lock your room so no other uninvited person can enter.

This very popular card game can be played along with your friends straight out of your individual phones via the app available on both IOS and Android. What we like the most here is that the app has added fun elements like tournaments and adventures to amp up the competition.

Ludo King
We've spent our childhood playing the board game version of this. You could now play those matches from the safety of your home. It won’t allow you to cheat and it’s even more fun with everyone connected on a call while playing.

Mobile game Uno with four players

Uno, a very popular card game that can be played virtually.

Quiz up
Are you up for a Quiz night? Then this is the game for you. Gather all your friends and get ready for some quick fun questions on any of the many topics you can choose from.

For playing solo

Remember that card game you used to play endlessly on your desktops? It is now also on your phone.

Fast like a fox
This easy to play, hard to master (as mentioned by the developers) game has very simple and plain graphics. You have to tap the back of your phone (or front if you don’t have a sensor at the back) to get the fox running.

FIFA football
This version of the very popular FIFA on PlayStation is minus a lot of the features but still tons of fun especially when you miss watching the live games

Mobile game Simcity screenshot with city on the beach, luxury houses by the sea and skyscrapers in the back

Simcity, a game where you can build your own cities and operate them too!

SimCity BuildIt
This is a game where one can build their own cities right from scratch and even collect taxes and build it further. Don’t we all feel like we would do a better job?

Stick Cricket
This is a simple game of cricket where stick figures act as players and you have to chase down humungous targets. But don’t worry as it’s quite easy to hit the ball out of the park.

For playing interior designer
These are for interior décor enthusiasts…

Design Home: House Renovation
Here’s an app that lets you choose from various styles and spaces. You can style spaces with real-life products from high-end brands. The best part is that you can even buy these products if you like how they look in your design on the app.

Homecraft - Home Design Game
This one gives you an all-round experience of an interior designer. You meet virtual clients and get to design their spaces based on their requirements. It’s quite a challenging game and that’s what makes it fun.

Mobile game Homecraft screenshot with luxury swimming pool and sea on the horizon

Homecraft gives you the complete experience of an interior designer. in a virtual world

Homestyler Interior Design
This app is a really good one for an aspiring interior designer or someone in this field. It lets you take a photo of your room and then remodel it with the furniture on the app. This app also allows you to browse various design trends, inspirations, and other people’s work as well. However, this app is only available for iPhone and iPad users.

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